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Best coaster ride when raining

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^ lol of course! The rain just makes it go even more balls out than it does in normal conditions. Ask some TPR members about the night rain rides they got in 2009 at HoliWood Nights. I've read it was quite the religious experience and I wished I could of experienced it. That's actually on my bucket list, ride the Voyage at night when it's raining!

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I just got back from Hershey where I rode the Comet, back row, immediately after a driving rain storm. I was shocked at the difference, the ride I got was almost Phoenix levels of awesomeness, airtime over every single hill. We were really flying! I didn't think it was possible.

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I used to LOVE riding the Texas Cyclone in the rain -- that thing just flew when the tracks got wet.



nowadays, I'm an old, crabby man. .if it rains, we do the indoor stuff

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