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Best coaster ride when raining

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Maverick and Nemesis.


It's when Nemesis is at its best. Its all about the First drop, Flat Spin, Helix and Pumpy 0G. It's just Insane.


And Maverick...well thats just nuts. I remember it feeling much quicker and smoother all over. Mind you it was in the dark, so it could of just been my vision. Ether way, it was epic.

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I rode a Vekoma Corkscrew (pile of crap) just after a hailstorm, and it was suddenly damn enjoyable! It really gave me the *oh jesus im going splat into the floor in a minute* feeling, it was brilliant! Well... for a Vekoma Corkscrew anyway...

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I rode PMBO in the rain which was pure unadulterated torture however I was lucky enough to ride Oblivion at AT in a blizzard two years ago, quite possibly the most amazing experience ever!


Diving into the hole the same speed as the thick snow was awesome but comingback out of the tunnel and having that snow smash into your face was A-to-the-Mazin!

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When it is pouring, for me the best coasters to ride are wooden coasters. Wooden roller coasters just get so much wilder (in a good way) in the rain. Last year, I marathoned The Great Escape's Comet for 2 hours in a complete downpour! Since there were no lines, the ops just let everyone stay on.

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I've ridden Raptor at Cedar Point in the rain...






Isn't it strange how most of the coasters mentioned here are either B&M inverted coasters or Woodies?







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Both Renegade and Excalibur at VF are quite fun in the rain if it's at night. They are both somewhat outside the main park area so there isn't much light at all. The best ride I've ever had on Excalibur was at a ride night, pitch black, and pouring. Wet trims=Crazy airtime on the ejector hill!


Zeus at night in the rain was also pretty crazy, but the back car felt like it had no upstop wheels, so that kinda took away from the experience.

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