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Best coaster ride when raining

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bbw in the rain is cool until it starts thunder and lighting


think what it would be like ride mf in a lighting storm

Same thing happened to be when I went on BBW.



But I enjoyed it. It was night time and it rained really hard when we were in the middle of the first hill. Then it started to thunder and lightning heading towards the helix and it was a blast.


SROS at SFA was painful during a downpour, man those teenagers behind were cussing.

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Xcelerator is awsome in the rain, you get sooo much airtime on the tophat


I know its not a coaster, but perilous plunge is awsome in the rain, you get soaked like no other, this was before the seatbelt harnesses were added


And boomerang at Knotts in the hail is the most painful thing i have ever experienced head banging and the hail hitting your face

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I loved Apollo's Chariot and Loch Ness Monster in the rain! I Rode Apollo's Chariot in the rain and it was Airtime heaven and was a speed demon! Loch Ness Monster was awsome because You got Airtime and Speed on the First drop, no roughness going up the second hill, The tunnel was a fun way to dry (A little), and the interlocking loops were so much fun! I want to go back some day!

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Apollo's Chariot is awesome in the rain, even though you are pelted with bullet-like raindrops.


Tornado at Adventureland really gets going in the rain.


Big Bad Wolf would probably be awesome in the rain if it weren't for the idiotic little stream of water that insists upon splashing riders.


Alpengeist is probably the worst coaster to ride in the rain, especially in the front seat.

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Top Thrill Dragster.


Front seat.


Just when a rainstorm started.


Enough said.


(Actually, more should be said: It was June 4th, and it was my first front seat ride on TTD. Immediately after I exited, there was a huge (and extremely bright) rainbow just over the tophat. )

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Love riding coasters in the rain, and I've ridden lots in the rain. But the best two were:


Dueling Dragons – sitting in the front row, when the train started up the lift hill, all the water that collected in the Dragon heads, dumped on the front row. Then during the ride you get hit by thousands of rain arrows. Rode 6 times.


Boulderdash – it was rainy and windy so not only did the train fly but the wind was blowing the rain off the leaves. The train was flying, the rain was pouring, the branches blowing in the wind, I was were soaked, so I rode again!

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