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Cant Feel Airtime?

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I have had this problem for 2 years now. Every time I ride a coaster that is supposed to have a ton of airtime, I can't feel it. It drives me crazy! For example, about 2 weeks ago I went to Holiday World and rode The Voyage. I felt absolutely no airtime at all. Everyone else that I rode with said they felt it and it was amazing. What is wrong with me? Also, this weekend I went to Busch Gardens Europe and rode all the coasters, specifically Apollo's Chariot. On Apollo, I didn't feel any airtime at all either. Even over the tops of the hills! I have sat in nearly every row and still have yet to feel airtime on that ride. I try lifting my legs up and I also have tried keeping them down. I have tried with my arms up and with my arms down. Please help!

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Sometimes I don't feel whole coasters. Like once I rode Oblivion and I was just like meh where's it gone? But on my next visit I felt it like usual & it was Rita that I was like meh - this time was straight after Stealth and in relative terms it's just not half the ride.

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I never feel airtime either. I'm from California.

For real laughed out loud.


I dont think apollo has much in the way of air, myself.

Bite your tongue. Ride in the back seat.



As for the OP, you don't necessarily have to "feel" airtime. I know a lot of people describe it as the "floaty" feeling in your stomach, but I rarely feel that anymore because I'm so used to it. After riding so many coasters and flying on Skycoasters somewhere between 300-350 times, free-falling just doesn't give me the butterflies anymore. However, I can most definitely feel my butt lift off the seat and/or my body being thrown upward. I'm not sure which you can't feel, but you should always be able to feel your body lifting off the seat, even if you don't feel the floaties in your stomach.

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Well, I consider airtime when you float out of the seat, so maybe your a$$ is numb? If it's not numb, are you at all fat, like too heavy to be lifted outta the seat? Just thinking out load, I really should never do that.


actually, a fat person would experience more air time, if we are using the butt-out-of-seat definition. the degree to which a person is lifted off their seat is the delta between the coaster's direction of movement and the rider's. so while a train crests a hill and changes direction downwards, a fat rider's additional mass would imbue them with additional momentum in the original direction, vectoring away from the train, whereas a rider with less mass would not be thrown out of their seat with as much force.


personally, i think that's the shallower of the two definitions of "airtime", though. for me the root thrill of airtime is the butterflies one experiences in the pit of their stomach during freefall, and that is not caused by the butt -- it's caused by the balance mechanisms in the inner ear.


most likely, the OP here has simply become desensitized to that sensation. i hope it never happens to me!

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