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Moser Gravity (Drop) Towers

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Basically, my little home park of Pleasurewood Hills (UK) is going to be installing a 200ft Moser Gravity Tower for next year, and I'm curious as to where the Tower that PWH have bought, is coming from. I assume its a second hand tower as according to Moser's website, they only offer the tower with 16 or 32 seats, yet PWH's has 24 seats, so it must surely be second hand...


The only one I can seem to find is at Tivoli World in Spain:



But as far as I'm aware, that isn't for sale. So, anyone out there know of the location of any more of these towers?



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The theme park "Karolinelund" (previous Tivoliland) in Aalborg, Denmark closed after the 2010 season, and it will not be reopened again. The park had a Moser drop tower around 55 meters high. I bet my ass virginity that this is the tower comming to your park.

It's an older model with Intamin giant drop style wagons of 4.


Here are some pics:


And a video here: http://www.99model.com/videos/yt-50vnA2TyuAw

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^Thanks, I have seen that, and thought that could be the one, but the plans say it has one 24 seat gondola, and it looks identicle to the model I pictured above, and the plans mention a few times that it is 60m tall.

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I think the 60m refers to the overall height of the tower rather than the height of the drop. Also, surely the drop tower mentioned above can be retrofitted with a 24 seat gondola. Whatever happens though, it is a much needed ride for the park and hopefully a sign of things to come



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I think the 60m refers to the overall height of the tower rather than the height of the drop.


True, but that tower from Denmark is 55m tall, and with how tight the planning restrictions are on PWH, why they *bump* it upto 60m in the planning documents?


The planning documents also shows the stars that spiral off the top of the tower (you can just about see them in the original post).


This is an odd one I must say, and there must surely have been more than one of them Gravity Towers?

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This is taken from the planning documents:



Which is odd as it doesn't show a circular gondola (unless its cut up as they have to shoe the image of the tower?)


But the tower is identicle to the one pictured in the original post. Also the plans say:


The total operational footprint area of the ride is 10m x 10m. The circular car can accommodate 24 passengers. The ride will have a lilac/purple colour scheme.
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I found another one (of the modern version) in a mall in China. This one is 60 meters high, and been operating since 2005.


There is also a clone of the tower in the former Karolinelund in Texas, can't remember wich park.

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