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Photo TR - Foodloop at Europapark

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This is a new restaurant at Europapark Germany.

You get a card when you enter the restaurant, at the table you order what you want and give your seat number, after a short wait you then get your drinks and food delivered on a rollercoaster system.

The food is very good quality, a must do when at Europapark.












This is where the prepared food is being distributed on the correct track













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I don't think opening that coke will end well, carbonated beverage and roller coaster don't really mix. On the other hand it isn't shake but constant forces on the bottle, I still wouldn't open it right away.


NOTE: Where in the U.S. do you see the old glass coke bottles used at a restaurant?

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I went to Europa Park on tuesday and the menus are only in German ! As it is only the beginning they will have to translate it in French and English ! I had to ask the server to help us out with the translation!


Fun restaurant but i saw my dish being stuck after the loop ! It actually rolled back !

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Hey man...


great photo TR. I know I'm not alone when I say... I could spend a long time sitting in there and watching. If IKEA had these I might be a poorer man... if I lived anywhere near an IKEA. Actually, I don't know why I just brought up IKEA... maybe because of their European roots and thinking they would be as good/probable a location as any to get something like that. ANYway... your photos and video covered the unique location nicely. I also liked the artwork on the walls in the BG. I agree with adamico2 about this looking like something I could expect to see at EPCOT.


Also, what happens with the food and beverage delivery vehicles/cars once the meal arrives at your station? Does it disconnect from the track easily? Do servers/attendants come by and pick them up?


Did you see anything get stuck like msep003 described? What happens then? Does someone have to climb up and manually move it along? Will other trays collide with it? Is there some alternative track available for food delivery if a route gets jammed? Does it come alive at night? ... heh.


Thanks for the TR post. Cool Stuff.

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