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Today I begin the biggest project I've ever done in RCT3. It will be NCS.



Date: June 24th, 2011


Project Entry One:


Well I can't quite believe what I've become involved in! The find of the century! Using a new type of sonar technology, high ranking scientist Arnold Oceanus has located the lost city of Atlantis deep under water off the coast of a fishing village in Spain! None of us could quite believe the amazing find, and others are still skeptical as to whether or not this is in fact the rel city of Atlantis.


That's where me and my filming crew come in. We are going to document this historical event from step one all the way to the finish. Oceanus himself plans on bringing many artifacts to the surface from the city, inluding what legend says is an ancient portal used to travel through time. While all these artifacts will be interesting, what was more shocking was that so far, no subs tht we've sent down there have ever returned, they've all vanished mysteriously...


While I'm sure there is going to be a logical explanation for this, it sure will add some mystery to this documentary!


We are heading out to the film site in a few days, and I'll have some pictures to add to this file of the village we'll be staying at over the course of our filming period.


We're not sure exactly how long the filming will take, but we're hoping that the project will finish by the end of this summer, before all the storms start brewing up. I've heard this coast gets some pretty nasty weather during the summer as well....


We'll be filming using a state of the art robotic arm, that is capable of being attatched to a submarine and controlled from the surface. We can also mount crew members in the arm to get better underwater shots. They'll be in state of the art diving suits as well!


For future readers of this file, I've included several pictures.


I'm sorry I don't have more to show you, but later entries are sure to show off all of what we find in Atlantis!


-Allan Bishop, Cinematographer


Here are the pictures included in the file:


The only true picture of Atlantis so far....soon after this was taken, the sub, like all the others, vanished without a trace...


Here is the robotic arm, made by Kuka. Apparently they use a similar arm for amusement rides! How crazy is that!


Another view of the filming arm, I can't wait to take this thing out for a spin! That's all for now.

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Date: July 24th, 2011


Project Entry Two:


It's been a few weeks and I'm getting settled in a village on the coast of Spain. It's quite nice here, but the locals don't like pictures being taken of them, so our documentary will include no footage of our base base camp, but will have footage of the base camp on the remote island.


Speaking of the remote island, we flew over in a seaplane a few days ago to take pictures of the site where we will set up our true base camp in a few days. The site is quite remote, with only a lighthouse and a few remote paths with a dock to show that there is life on this island paradise.


The beaches were looking a bit rocky, but it looks like we'll be able to set up camp on the lowlands of the island, and lauch our boast from the meager docks a mile away.


I'm looking forward to photographing the island from its surface, and hope to update this file with some of those photos in a few days.


Another troubling development has occured though, which may set us back a few weeks. Another sub has gone missing in the deep, and this time, no photographs were taken. As soon as they were going to record, the camera went blank. When they pulled the cord connected to the sub back out of the water, they found the sub had been cut from it's inch thick cable...


Whatever cut that had to have been very strong... It makes me wonder what in the world is down there....


Anyways, this isn't a time for worrying! It's a time for discovery! Nothing will stop us from showing the world the true shape and form of Atlantis!


-Alan Bishop, Cinematographer


PS: The pictures of the remote islnad are included in the file below.


It does seem to have a remote beauty to it.


The lighthouse, on the rocky cliff. Currently, it's the only permanent structure besides the docks, on the island.


Another look at the terrain of the island. It really is quite hilly!


This is all I have for now. I'll update the file soon.

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