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Quick Stop at Nick Universe 6/18

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I stopped at MOA and I have to say the mall truly disappointed me. What's the difference between Mall of America and a bunch of upscale malls put together? I imagined it to be more like the Mills Mall in St. Louis, with attractions sprawling throughout the mall -not the case at MOA. The theme park itself was nice, and the benches/scenery made it feel like an outdoor park. We arrived at maybe 2 and went to Aces Flight Simulator and got to the theme park at maybe 3:30. From 3:30 to 5:00 I was able to ride 6 rides (once each) before heading to Rainforest Cafe (not recommended) and then heading home. So other than the coaster crazed... why is MOA a tourist destination again... I should have gone to my first IKEA.



Spongebob- I liked it. The lift hill might be the best part.

Avatar- efficient use of space

Fairly Odd Coaster- good ride, should be better incorporated with scenery/add theming

Orange Streak- nice for what it is- though it clearly limits park space everywhere.


Log Flume- I was very impressed- the animatrons were really cool. They should try to put more emphasis on this ride. It was empty when I went while Spongebob/Avatar/Odd Coasters had 15 minute waits.

Ghost shooter- not as good as Scooby in STL but still a nice ride.



-nice short que lines

-ride operators need to be more cognisant of filling empty seats, especially on Avatar/Odd Coaster


+Aces Flight Simulator-

- incredibly difficult if you are not familiar with flight simulators

-unless you are really into planes I would not recommend it

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I was expecting an entertainment complex- something new and different. For all the talk Mall of America gets, I did not feel it lived up to its billing. Look at this link:




Mall of America is sizable- but definitely does not stand alone. I live nearby a mall with about 1/2 the retail space as Mall of America- "many Yankee stadiums full" - but it generates little press. The amusement park is nice, yes, thats why I I was wondering why it got so much press among the general public- especially when the amusement park was faltering just years ago.

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In your TR, you said you spent basically your entire visit in the theme park and flight simulator, and one restaurant. How can you judge a mall that you didn't even explore? It is just SO big that perhaps you couldn't find the hidden awesomeness?

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I actually spent a few days at Mall of America last year for Spring Break and it was a lot of fun! I don't think you were there long enough to thoroughly enjoy the mall... You didn't even get to try out the aquarium, which is fantastic! There are many restaurants in the mall outside of the food court, which doesn't really happen much. You said you tried out Rain Forest Cafe which you don't recommend, but I actually enjoyed it. Nickelodeon Universe itself is a fantastic park! Lots of scenery and unique rides/coasters.... I wouldn't mind going again.

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