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Santa Claus Land became Holiday World and Marineland of the Pacific became Marineland.


Are there any other well-known theme parks outside the Six Flags chain that received a name change?

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Michigans Adventure has had a few name changes:


Deer Park - Deer Park Funland - Michigan's Adventure


Cali's Great America has also had numerous name changes:


Marriott's Great America - Great America - Paramount's Great America - Great America - California's Great America

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Lakemont - Boyertown USA - Lakemont


Apparently some dude bought the park and changed the name for a while, and then I believe the state or county bought it back and renamed it back to it's original name.

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A few I know that haven't been mentioned yet (some are minor parks, but others aren't):


Busch Gardens-The Dark Continent -> Busch Gardens Tampa -> Busch Gardens Africa -> Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens: The Old Country -> Busch Gardens Williamsburg -> Busch Gardens Europe -> Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Cypress Gardens -> Cypress Gardens Adventure Park -> Legoland Florida

Grand Slam Canyon -> Adventuredome

Hecker Pass Family Adventure -> Bonfante Gardens -> Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park


In addition, all the former Paramount Parks added Paramount to their name at one point and have since dropped it. And then there is the least obvious name change I can think of:


Disney's California Adventure -> Disney California Adventure

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Counting Six Flags parks...


Marine World Africa USA (original?)

The New Marine World Theme Park

Marine World

Six Flags Marine World

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (current)


I believe coasters didn't appear until after the first name change. I first visited the park as Marine World Africa USA. It has also been called Marine World and Marine World/Africa U.S.A. in a different location with no rides.

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Valleyfair! became Valleyfair. Camp Snoopy at MOA became Nickelodeon Universe. Actually it was Knotts Camp Snoopy, then Camp Snoopy, then Park at MOA, then Nickelodeon Universe.

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Walibi Holland:


1971 - 1992 = Flevohof

1992 - 1994 = Park Closed (bankrupt)

1994 - 1999 = Walibi Flevo (can't find a logo)

2000 - 2005 = Six Flags Holland

2006 - 2010 = Walibi World

2011 - Present = Walibi Holland




first flevohof logo


Flevohof - 1971/1992


Six Flags Holland - 2000/2005


Walibi World 2005/2010


Walibi Holland 2011

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American Adventure Theme Park

American Adventure

American Adventure World

American Adventure

Britannia Park


Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park

Euro Disneyland Paris

Euro Disneyland


Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


PortAventura Park

Port Aventura

Universal Studios Port Aventura

Universal's Port Aventura

Port Aventura


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain

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