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Hopi Hari Theme Park 2011 - Brazil

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Yes, it was a partnership with Schwarzkopfs Playcenter and where they brought the first Double Looping model for the park. It's getting two years and was quite successful, she was called Colossus.


Landmark and we miss her. But it was soon replaced by Looping Star, which is the delight of many today.

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Those are some great picture! i wish there was a few more of Katapul, but any new pictures of this park are great since i's so far away.


Here's another Katapul photos:



Katapul, seen from the station Montezum.


Seen from the station Hula Hupi.



Looping of Katapul.


Photo taken on ride in jambalaia (Double Shock).


Jambalaia and station Katapul.


And a video an amateur on ride of youtube:



I hope have helped! Hugs.

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Wouu .. glad you liked it!

I'll do my "Trip Report" Hopi Hari and Playcenter in September. Because it will have an event of terror. When I finished, I'm posting here on TPR! =D


Awesome! It is always great to get a look at the Brazilian parks so looking forward to it!

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Hey Lucaz. Do you know something about the ekatomb operation? I'm about to go to hopi hari and ekatomb is still under maintenance.



Unfortunately I don't have news from Ekatomb neither Crazy Wagon. They both remain out of service....


The good news is that the park confirmed a new Intamin roller coaster for 2012. They didn't give much details nor unveiled the layout.

All we know is that the coaster in being manufactured right now and Armando (Hopi Hari CEO) and Stefan (Chief Engineering) are going to Europe next week to check on the parts painting.

The first parts shipment is planned to arrive at the park on mid october. The site construction starts in a couple weeks.


According to the park, this is going to be the longest and tallest roller coaster in South America (considering the coasters in operation, which means not counting Mirabilandia's GIB - still OTG - and Parque De La Ciudad's Vertigorama, which never opened to the public).


The still unnamed coaster will have it's debut to the public in March 2012.

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Good morning, TPR


A friend from CBMR has gone to Hopi Hari yesterday, so I'm posting to you some photos of the transformation of Infantasia to Looneys Tunes. The rehab is scheduled to end this month.


In the background, a snack bar.

New parts for the carousel

New ride, themed with Marvin, the Martian

New things for the new kiddie ride.

Another SnackBar

This will be a fountain.

The painting of the Main Store of Infantasia.

A new theater for a Looney Tunes Show

"Gira-Lata" new painting


Also, a few more of Aribabiba, which will receive the Justice League

("Estacionamento" is Parking Space in Portuguese)

The old carnival games area


Recently, the maintenance team of Hopi Hari was able to find with Huss Rides a solution to the mechanical problem of ride "Rainbow", enabling the reopening of Crazy Wagon and possibly reopening of other "rainbows" around the world.

Crazy Wagon:


Ending with this great pic of La Tour Eiffel:


Unfortunately, there is no relevant information about the new roller coaster =/

Have a nice day!

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Hello guys! More photos of Infantasia from guests this time:

The region now represents a major studio film, with each attraction representing a part of this studio led by Bugs Bunny and the gang.


"Leva i Traz" - A mini-truck ride for children and parents




T-shirts by Hopi Hari


Pencil Sharpener




Marvin Konfront - In English: "Starring: Marvin, the Martian" | Scene: Marvin controlate humans to dominate the planet.

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On last Friday , 16, came the first pieces of the new roller coaster inversions of the 10 Hopi Hari. With a top speed of 52.8 mph, it has a route length of 2870' 9" and 2'20. Only it is being invested $ 25 million (R$ 50 million). The Hopi Hari is the first park in the world to feature the new version of roller coaster inversions of ten. The attraction is scheduled to launch in Abril/2012.




Source: www.portalhopiharimania.blogspot.com

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^yes. It is a new-generation 10-inversion Intamin. Cable lift. The layout hasn't been shown by the park.


Altough they say it's new generation, people's been speculating it has the same layout as Colossus, at Thorpe Park and the only difference is the cable fast-speed lift.


Hopefully they will show the official layout soon.

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