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A Park Request.....Traintown

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I have stumbled across this incredibly cool looking park online. I noticed no one has done a photo TR from there.


Living in Atlanta, I can't make it out there...but was hoping someone on the west coast has and could post a few pictures.


The park is in Sonoma CA, and it's called Traintown.


It has a small coaster, but the park is a train enthusiasts (which I am big time) playground.


The park's calling card is a 20 minute train ride through tunnels, over bridges, and stops in a miniature town.


The website teases with very few pictures.....I would LOVE to see more.


Note: My train love started when I was 4 years old...way back in 1975, when my grandparents took me on the train around the mountain to Six Gun Territory (Ocala FL), the other option was going over the mountain on the sky ride. We took the train and I've loved them ever since.



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Traintown is a charming little kiddie park. I only rode the train as a child, but I now have the coaster credit and saw they have a couple family rides as well. I also enjoyed climbing around in the train cars, which are fun for all ages!


I may be able to post a mini-TR in this thread, but I can't guarantee many train photos.

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I live not that far away from the place and from past experiences, it is really worth the visit. I wouldn't go just for the coaster though, the park is mainly for the train, thus the name.


If I go soon, I'll be sure to take some photos and post them on here.



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