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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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So I was having a pretty good day here in NY today; enjoying the beautiful weather and plethora of kittens. I looked at these updates and remembered the quote, “You can't be envious and happy at the same time”, so I hung myself with the LAX noose.



Seriously though, I can't think of a place I'd rather be than Japan right now. Awesome updates as always.




Chris "maybe I'll order sushi tonight and pretend" Connolly

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I went to Namjatown last year, it's so ridiculous. My friends and I went through one of the haunted houses where you use one of those scary-lady-head-on-spider-legs things to activate different parts of the haunted house. It was actually really scary (I have a picture of my friend Yuria and I screaming and trying to run away that they gave me when we finished the haunted house). And I tried the squid ice cream from Ice Cream City. NEVER AGAIN.

Ooh, and I have a hell toilet story! It was a different hell toilet in Namjatown, though... In one of the bathrooms, the hell toilet was the only Western-style toilet. When you closed the door, the only light came from the bulb installed in that cubicle, instead of the lights from the rest of the bathroom. There was also this very, very creepy looking face on the wall. While I was in there, the lights went out, a blacklight came on, the eyes of the creepy face lit up red, and there was an evil laugh coming from a speaker in the wall. Apparently Namjatown finds joy in scaring foreigners.


It looks like TPR is having an amazing time; I'd give anything to be back in Japan right now. I can't wait for the rest of the trip updates!

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Another TPR Japan Update! Today we visited Space World...and this park might actually have one of the best "coaster line-ups" of any Japan park. Venus is a Maurer Söhne awesome intese looping coaster, Zaturn is an Intamin rocket coaster (Stealth clone) and TItan is just a really messed up "red headed love child" of Magnum, Desperado, and Pepsi Max Big One all rolled into one coaster.


We had ERT in the morning and was able to film on the major rides. So we bring you lots of POV love from today!


OMG! What is up with this?


Dear Mister Donut, we apologize in advance for eating you out of inventory for the next six months!


TPR always does our Japan trips via trains as much as possible. It's really the best way to get around this country.


And you get to see some awesome countryside!


Oh no! Don't let the train stop here!


The kids of TPR hanging out.


Yup, that totally is a real space shuttle!


Venus is a twisty mess, but it's a forceful twisty mess. Why don't you check out our POV video...



That is one hell of an intense loop!


If you didn't know this coaster was built by Maurer Sˆhne, you would swear it was a Schwarzkopf! It's that intense.


Hooray for Japanese Intamin!


From the top of the tower looking down.We even have a POV of Zaturn!



Zaturn is pretty much a clone of Stealth at Thorpe Park.


Those of you needing a sex change operation...go here.


This park has everything!


Hello Titan! How are you?


Titan is like the alternate universe Magnum.


TPR is at Space World and ready to ride!


Titan ran GREAT today! Check out the POV video...



The ride op spiels here are awesome! Watch the one that we included with the Titan video!


Big Mike is loving Japan!


What the hell?


Now THAT is how you bend a coat hanger!


Please don't let this kill me!


"Enjoy your ride on this twisted mess!"


The Japanese LOVE TPR!!!


"What is this thing doing to my body??!?!"


No Big Mike!!! They are too young for you!!!


KidTums leads the group in Space Cadet training!


TPR takes over the kiddie coaster! (They were too scared to let the locals ride with us!)


So, hey...is that a REAL space shuttle???


Choose Thy Fate!


"Boogie Woogie Space Coaster!!!"And Boogie Woogie POV!


The sign speaks the truth.


TPR says backwards side is where it's all at!


This was both awesome and horribly disgusting at the same time!


"SKLOOSH" goes the Log Flume with the helix.


The amount of insanely HUGE Ferris Wheels in Japan is impressive.


OMG! They are giving out real bags-o-crap!




Yay! Mission to Mars!


Indoor coaster time!


What is that I see?


OMG! Is that a REAL vagina???


Black Hole Scramble is a very "trippy" indoor coaster. It's mostly totally dark, and then you go into stance looking light tunnels...


And we were the only ones on the ride!


The entrance area of the park...


Yay! They promote evolution!


I really want the "Fish Flies Burger!"


Caption contest! Submit your caption to Dan and you could win a TPR Bag-o-Crap!


Big-ass Ferris Wheel!


Look! I'm trying to win these awesome Hello Kitty/Elmo mash-up doll!


We won! And these are awesome!


Kids going insane on the drum game.


Tons of capsule machines at this park. Let's see what's in them...


This one contains young, partially naked girls... Just add semen.


This one contains Hamburgers... Just add semen.


The Mario sound bytes are awesome!!! We got the coin block sound!


Any Nightmare Before Christmas fans?


I have no idea what the hell this is!!!


They do bingo at the park...


...but it's the form of a show with girls in bikinis and the park mascot!


No PAC-MAN ghosts in a box, but a random Octopus is ok!


Freeze dried curry!!! Just add semen!


Thank you Space World!!! TPR had a great day!!!


Let's give Japanese Italian food a try!


Some very interesting pizza options!


Rockin' the fold in Japan!


Bagel & Bagel is not something I've seen before.


I totally want a volcano bagel!!!


Green Tea bagel!


Krispy Kreme is new in this part of Japan...


The Krispy Kreme craze has hit Japan!


The line starts way back here...


And then it continues here! But when you get to this part of the line, they give you a bonus free donut!!!

More Japan Updates coming soon....now...



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Sounds like Venus is an awesome ride. It looks like it would be one of my favorite coasters if I ever got to ride it.

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If you didn't know this coaster was built by Maurer Söhne, you would swear it was a Schwarzkopf! It's that intense.

This is exactly what I thought after watching the video.


Dear Maurer Söhne,

Please make more of these.


Crazy Americans.

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The reason Venus probobaly feel so much like a schwarzkopf is because schwarzkopf was a consultant for Venus, Maurer Sohne's second ever-coaster. He and a few others from his team helped develop Venus. In Fact, that unique track that Maurer has become so famous for using was actually designed by Schwazkopf. It was used on his very last coaster, the 1991 built "Andalusia Railroad" at Kure Portopialand.

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