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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Carl - Been to Yodobashi a few times, not on this trip though. Lydia - there were a TON of cats! Not sure about any ones in particular, but I loved how they were literally all over, all around you. I felt like they were all about to attack!

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Thank you for posting the pictures. After walking through the cat house I would of had been finding the nearest convenient store for allergy medicine. What is fun when you take out a laser light and have the cats chase it all over.

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Today was actually the "first official" day of the trip. Technically it was mostly a travel day, as we had about 700 miles across Japan to cover, but we did it in style on the Japanese Shinkansen...the bullet trains!


Then we made it to our first park, and with a lot of luck on our side trying to avoid some unfortunate weather, we got in both credits! Woo-hoo!


If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com


Onto some pictures and even a video!


First official day of TPR's Southern Japan trip has begun. Elissa goes over the most important rule of this trip... "Don't lose your rail pass!"


Ahh, the Japanese vending machines! Pocari Sweat, anyone?


Coke Zero is everywhere in Japan now! Diabetics rejoice!


Today's TPR Japan Adventure includes traveling about 700 miles across Japan on some pretty bad-ass bullet trains!


KidTums checks out Japan at 190MPH!


Bento box tastes the same at 190MPH!


When we told the rail ticket office we were a group of theme park geeks...they gave us our car!


The Japanese Shinkansen is totally bad-ass!


TPR in the middle of nowhere Train station scaring the hell out of the locals!


And even you too can drive the train!


Welcome to Kashiikaen - Random Japanese park and Jet Coaster in the middle of nowhere!


Japan has a ton of these "Jet Coasters" and they are all pretty much the same. Impressive looking 100-150 foot tall coasters that sort of just meander around. This one at least had some "ok" airtime and some pretty fast sections.


Yay! First credit of the trip!!!


Josh paid an extra 10,000 yen for this additional "service!"



Would you like a POV video of our first official credit? Of course you would! Watch below...



The park is very small, geared mostly for kids, and is in the middle of nowhere!


And yes, there is a powered kiddie coaster for the real sad and pathetic credit whores!


Big Mike was bummed that only KidTums got this credit!


Overall, great first day of the trip!


After the park it was time to head back to the hotel...


And then onto my favourite Yakitori restaurant in all of Japan!


This little tiny hole-in-the wall place right next to Hakata station! Kampai!!!!


Meat on sticks = awesome!!! Yakitori places almost seem like the USA equivalent to "wings and beer." That's probably why I love it so much!


Divv actually DID eat the whole plate!


Bacon wrapped CHEESE!!! BEST. STUFF. EVER!!!


"I was planning on having sex with 10 Japanese women tonight...but I don't need to now, thanks to the bacon wrapped cheese!"


More skewers...more beer...AWESOME NIGHT!!!


We ate through over 150 skewers of Yakitori!


Awesome place! When in Fukuoka...highly recommended!More TPR Japan adventures coming soon!


More TPR Japan adventures coming soon...




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