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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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^^ We are visiting about 25-30 parks. None of them were affected by the earthquake or any of that. In fact, walking around Tokyo yesterday, you really wouldn't even know that whole thing happened just a few months ago.


Everything seemed about as "back to normal" as they could be.

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Awesome, it started!


Tokyo Disneyland seems like a great start to the trip, especially considering you got to wipe away the horribleness of LAX from the previous day. I wish I could be there...


Have a great time and be sure to make a great trip report so we can have as much fun as you can!

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It's nice of LAX to leave a noose out for anyone who just can't take it anymore.


Crap. So that's where it was three weeks ago. I was in the wrong terminal. LAX can't even get the suicide booths in the right place.


Robb: The TR needs more food photos- and by far, two pics of StarPort 86 are NOT enough.

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That trip report is already bringing back memories of when I went last year. I so wish I could have been on the trip but if you guys would have started July 1st I would have had vaca time. Oh well hopefully next Japan trip. Have fun and be safe out there.

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LAX is terrible, but at least the Qantas Club Lounge was good there. I jumped at the chance to bypass LAX and fly direct to Dallas from Sydney next month.


I'll have to get back to Japan some day, maybe next year. I want to go to Fuji Queue even though I know I'll regret it.

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Wow, I haven't been in LAX since 1977. .. and the biggest hassle then were the "moonies".



The "rape tunnel" sure makes that seem like a minor problem now.. .




Looking forward to more pics of your trip .. . and KT is beyond precious.

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The sitch tiki room version looks so much better than the under new management. Thanks for the pics!


It's really about the same. the Stitch animatronic is pretty good though.


In other news: I really hate Robb and Elissa right now!

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Hope you guys have a great time! I wish we could be with you, we LOVE Tokyo Disney! Well we love Japan regardless, but Disney is an awesome place to anchor to. Can't wait to see pics of Kawasemi! (I think I spelled that right) I miss that coaster!

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Today was kind of a "random free day" since the official tour hadn't started quite yet. We had some tour work stuff we needed to get done, but we spent the afternoon checking out the "Sunshine City" area around our hotel, which included some pretty "bizarre" attractions, and other stuff...


If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com



There was this strange themed town called "Namjatown" located as part of our hotel complex.


It was sort of like a theme park, so we bought admission tickets to check it out...


Hooray! Boob credit!


The place is hard to describe. It's a VERY Japanese, interactive, video game theme park.


There are all sorts of themed areas with different attractions.


Most of them very "DisneyQuest"-like.


But all VERY Japanese!


There are these little interactive kiosks all over the place...press buttons...weird stuff happens.


We started walking down the "haunted area."


Creepy Japanese stuff everywhere.


This "cat" was some sort of mascot of the park.


This is "Hell Toilet", and interactive, audio, pooping experience!


Namjatown is also famous for it's eating areas, this one is "Gyoza Stadium" where you'll find hundreds of differed kinds of dumplings.


Literally hundreds! This place was insane!


This guy CLEARLY has the Tiger Blood!


More of these interactive games/attractions.


More themed areas.


Namjatown is totally one of those "Screwed up Japanese" places that you just have to see!


I'm sure if we spoke the language, this would all make sense...then again, probably not!


This place actually had about 100 different varieties of dumplings!


Along with Gyoza Stadium, Namjatown also features "Ice Cream City."






It wouldn't be a place like this without tons of games!


Ice Cream City had just about every type of ice cream imaginable.


How are people in this country not fat???


The Ice Cream Shop had hundreds of different flavors.


Not exaggerating!!!


Garlic ice cream comes in a Dracula container.


Yes, that says ox tongue.




Chicken wing ice cream?!?!


Grated Yam???


WTF??? How is charcoal a flavor???


Here are the best flavors!


All the soft serve you can eat.


Taiko no Tatsujin is up to volume 14 already!


Tons of high tech video games.


"It's milk and eggs, bitch."


"I got a bag-o-Japanese crap!"


"We got a huge bucket of candy!"


"We are trying to win a giant head."


"I love head!"




Random shooting gallery game.


They even had a carousel.


What a strange, strange, but awesome place!


We took a walk around Sunshine City, a shopping and attraction district next to our hotel.


I didn't even know Shakey's still existed...let alone in Japan!


Um, hey...let's go see what's down here...Hey!




All the latest and greatest Nintendo capsule toys!


"The record companies won in the court room. You wanna buy a Tower Records Edwardo?"


More drum machine games!!!


Lets check out another crazy Japanese arcade.


More Mario sound bytes!


Pachinko is found on almost every street corner.


Does this count as a credit?




...and more games!


This was a REALLY interesting store full of a random assortment of things.


WTF capsule!!!


Cool video game stuff.


Remember these dudes from the 80s.


This is an iPhone 4 case... Awesome!!!


This is on the 8th floor of Tokyu Hands...


It's this "cat house" that you pay 600 yen and you walk around where these cats are roaming free!


Random cat.


This huge "cat house!"


I love me some pussy!




"Look! Cat food!"


"When in Peru, you can eat me!"


It's time to hand out TPR Trip bags so we can officially get this show on the road!


TPR's "Welcome dinner" at one of Tokyo's best Yakitori restaurants!


Yes...that is bacon wrapped asparagus!!! Sooooo good!!!


Located in the heart of Shibuya....


Tokyo's "Times Sqaure..."


I love seeing TPR welcomed by an awesome Yakitori place!


After lots of unlimited beer and sake...everything was kind of a blur to us.... Let's hope we all make the train tomorrow!


We will have more updates posted soon. Now.... POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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