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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Today we visit Parque Espana - Home to one of the best B&M inverted coasters in the world, the awesome escalator ride, a mine train full of surprises, and a host of funky dark rides!


Check out all the photos below and watch the videos! We shot lots of great video footage today so check them all out!


If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com


PYRENEES POV!!! (Seriously, watch this video! It's one of the best HD vids we've shot to date!)



Upon arriving to Parque Espana, they directed our bus THROUGH THE PARK!!!


We drove right through the middle of the park, and finally ended up at Pyrenees!


"This is the best TPR VIP treatment ever!"


"This is your stop...should I keep the meter running?"


Yes, the bus picked us up at the hotel, and dropped us off at a roller coaster. Now THAT is TPR service!


"Um, hi...look where we are at!"


"Is TPR ready for some ERT on Pyrenees?"


The sign says Pyrenees. We ride now.


Pyrenees is "old school B&M" in every sense of the term. It's fast, it's fun, it's VERY intense, it's long, smooth, and just plain awesome.


I'd put it right up there with Montu & Katun as the best B&M inverts in the world.


The layout is like a "HUGE OMFG BATMAN" for the first three elements, then it just goes nuts with a cobra roll, airtime hill, helix through the 2nd loop, etc....


Yeah, it kicks A$$!


Pyrenees POV!!!




Hanno gets a SOLO RIDE!!!!


The park itself is just amazing. Outside of the Disney & Universal parks, it's easily the nicest, best themed park in Japan.


Let's check out the "Nutcracker Dolls" dark ride...




"Hi mom! I'm riding with a cyclops!"DARK RIDE POV!!!



More of the Spanish city area.


Here's a dude on a horse. I know this because there's a dude...and he's riding a horse.


The Japanese LOOOOOVE their covered main street areas.


FU Bullfight coaster!!!


"Thematically, it's totally correct....the bull gets killed...and we are the bull" ...therefore, we deserve death! And this Togo DELIVERS!!!


Yeah, hi, thanks Mr. Sign.


I most certainly give this attraction a "D"


This awesome little ride is not meant for grown ups, but Dave is really about 10 years old inside.


Of course Elissa gets high score!


The park added this whole kiddie area including this suspended, monorail, shooting gallery ride...and it was actually pretty awesome.


I'm not sure what these creepy things are, but my natural instinct is to SHOOT THEM!!!! Before they get to the children....


KidTums and random Parque Espana hot chick animal character.


The park was built for huge crowds...I sure hope they get them during the busy season!




"I wonder would could be over there? I hear some sort of music..."


In that castle is the most amazing ride in the park...





This is still my #1 escalator in the world.


And you can also take the stairs if you want to!


More random shots of the park.


Is that a Taco Bell or the Escalator Ride? To answer EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com


It's like a Pirates Knock-off...but it's actually REALLY GOOD!!!!


Adventure Lagoon...I know this...because it has a sign.


Epic looking boat ride photo.


A few of the outdoor show scenes.


Up the lift!


Watch the video if you want to know what happens next!



It's the Peter Pan knock off that has nothing to do with Peter Pan!



Do you like our new Spanish look?


This is an even better family photo!


Back to the escalator ride again...because it's awesome!


I could live off Japanese Curry & Yakitori for the rest of my life! (ok, ok, I would need Buffalo Wild Wings too...)


KidTums and her magic wand.




Let's not forget about Gran Montserrat! It really is a kick A$$ Mack Mine Train!


"Let's have some TPR ERT on this awesome mine train coaster!"


Gran Montserrat POV!!!!



Really, the only disappointment was seeing that Musical Circus was removed for a 360 3D movie. It was a really bizarre and unique dark ride/4D movie attraction. Oh, well...


It's tradition in Japan to buy one of these gift boxes for family & friends...I need to start getting them because they look awesome!


Yes, the park is really nice!


TPR had an awesome time at Parque Espana....yet again! Thank you! More TPR adventures in Japan coming soon!


More TPR adventures in Japan coming soon...


Oh, and...and a message from Big Mike...


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Oh WOW - what an amazing POV of Pyrenees, and so great to see the new for 2011 Escalator Ride video; I loved it when the classic "It's - the - es-ca-la-tor - ride" music kicked in at the end! Thanks for these wonderful updates Robb - great that you're all having such an amazing time!

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The characters at the park are really cute and have kind of a Disney vibe to them. Adventure Lagoon looks bizarre and awesome at the same time. Same with the escalator ride. I could easily spend a half hour just going up and down the escalator and dancing to the music... because I'm a dork.


Pyrenees looks freaking awesome. Glad to know it ranks up there with Montu (my all-time favorite B&M invert).

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My cheeks hurt from smiling about the "Funky Escalator Ride!" Super jealous that work got in the way of me joining y'all on this amazing adventure! I'm glad you're all having a great time....although how could you not be having a great time? Thanks so much for the super-speedy updates, as they're greatly appreciated!


Also, I hope Steve isn't in too much pain, as those scrapes look really painful!

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That is too bad about Musical Circus--the weirdest ride ever with a pretty cool ride system. Is the "Nutcracker dolls" ride an improvement over the old "Sparkling Carnival Ride" that used to be there?


A ride themed to a ballet by a Russian composer in a Japanese park themed to the culture and history of Spain--well, why not?

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Hey, I'm the guy from the Mitsui Greenland update who had gotten the record 42 Megaton rides for the month of June. I've been doing my own solo China/Korea/Japan coaster trip for the past month(s), and I remembered hearing that TPR would be about a week behind my travels so when they had me make the sign I figured I'd offer a friendly challenge to see if any other foreign coaster enthusiasts could break the record (it only took me about two hours to get the 42 rides so I figured someone on the trip would be up to the task).


Anyway, the main reason I'm writing is to let you all in on some good news and bad news regarding your upcoming travels. First the good news...


Fuji-Q Highlands might actually be enjoyable. I went in expecting the fifth or sixth circle of hell and found that everything except Dodonpa was nearly a walk-on, resulting in a very pleasant day out. I'm not sure if that's normal for this time of year, or just a fluke (I went last Tuesday, which was the first sunny day after a long string of rainy days and had also been predicted for showers), but I was able to get five rides on Fujiyama, four on Dodonpa, seven on Eejanaika, twice on the Wild Mouse and once on the other coasters, plus a few other rides and a lunch in the time frame of about seven hours. Fingers crossed you have the same luck; operations are still utter crap there, it simply doesn't matter as much when there's only twenty people in line.


Now the bad news...


No one will be riding Thunder Dolphin. I'm not sure if the organizers already knew this and informed everyone, but if not, there ya go. Went to Tokyo Dome City, pretty much all the attractions save the Ferris Wheel, Thunder Dolphin, log flume and a few children's rides are completely removed or in total disrepair, and when I asked about Thunder Dolphin they said it was closed "long term" and had no idea when (translation: if) it would reopen. Big steel gate over the entrance and all the maps and guides around the place have been permanently replaced with it marked as non-operable. Given the overall state of the place I wouldn't be surprised if Thunder Dolphin has taken its last riders. You can still ride the ferris wheel and log flume and at least look at what seems to be a unique Intamin megacoaster, but I wanted to give y'all a heads up in case some of the members decide they'd rather use their time in Tokyo on more entertaining cultural pursuits. Also the Schwarzkopf Looping Star at Nagashima Spaland is currently undergoing a rehab; their Jet Coaster was also closed but I couldn't tell how long term that was.

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So...I noticed the Sesame Street characters....is licensing different in Japan? In the States, Disney or MGM has the license for Muppets, and since Sesame Street characters are Muppets too...how does that work? How did Universal get the Sesame Street license?

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What a great onride video Robb !!! Chrystal Clear onride .... Full HD Camera I suppose, I am working with a Sony Full HD camera for the last 1.5 year now and everything looks so clear.... my next camera will be a 3D model !!! 3D Onrides .... can you imagine how that looks ?!!?! Maybe it's time for a new tpr-bluray Robb !!! And hopefully you can shoot them in 3d in the future ......

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So...I noticed the Sesame Street characters....is licensing different in Japan? In the States, Disney or MGM has the license for Muppets, and since Sesame Street characters are Muppets too...how does that work? How did Universal get the Sesame Street license?


I think the Sesame Street characters are owned by the Children's Television Workshop, while Disney owns the rest of the Muppets (Kermit works both sides). Busch has the license for the Sesame Street characters in the U.S., so I imagine there's a separate license for other countries (but that's just my guess).

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Parque Espana impresses me more and more with each trip report. It sucks that Musical Circus is gone, but at least it still has two incredible coasters in the form of Pyrenees and Gran Montseratt. It's tough to find even ONE good coaster in most Japanese parks, it seems, and this one's got two!


Love the update from this well-kept, well themed park.

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