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What Are Your Top Ten Attractions?

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Please Leave Your Top 10 Attractions

This Is Just For Fun

Here our my top 10


1. Storm Runner

2. Millenium Force

3. Nitro

4. Dueling Dragons

5. Incredible Hulk Coaster

6. Top Thrill Dragster

7. Raptor

8. Mantis

9. Wicked Twister

10. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

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Counting rides still in opporation

1. Millienium Force (aka M-force)-Awesome techno theme in station that I rave to+near-vertical 300ft drop+3 overbanks+nice layout+unique ejector air+2 tunnels= the winner

2. Cyclops-Great Layout, INSANE air during the ENTIRE ride (for me atleast)

3. TTD/SR (Tie)-TTD...well, theres just something about getting hurled 420ft in the air at 120mph...As for SR, its like TTD, exept it has a layout beyond the tophat.

4. Vortex (PKI)-Probbably the only reason I come back to PKI each year. Insane air for a looper (your guarenteed atleast 2 pops regaurdless of where you sit) Especially that first drop..you just float down it!

5. Wildcat (HP)-Very twisted layout filled with great airtime, but its nothing compared to what I get on Cyclops.

6. Hades-I rode it before its glory really began to sink in, but its still great. The underground section....just pure bliss and chaos. All I need to say! It lacks airtime though...(like I said, I rode it while it was still just opening)

7. Gravitrons (in general)-If you arent familiar with them, its basically the greatest flat ride ever. You spin so fast that gravity fails you completely. You can climb on the walls, hang upsidedown, take a nap...ANYTHING! Its just a great experience...

8. Magnum XL 200-Nice airtime coaster. Plus its the first REAL hyper I've ridden (I dont count SoB, cuz it sucked)

9. Chaos' (in general)- You just get flipped around in so many directions at the same time...Nothing beats self-opporated mayham

10. IJ:ST-While it isnt the greatest ride, it has its moments. The FX are nice, especially during the explosion scene (when they work.) The helix and the s-bend before the stairs give you a nice whip, and the tunnel is nice.


if defunct rides wer included, knock everything down one slot and put King Cobra at the top of the list...

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1. Top Thrill Dragster - CP

2. Millennium Force - CP

3. Rita: Queen of Speed - Alton Towers

4. Great American Scream Machine - SFoG

5. Nemesis - Alton Towers

6. Gwazi - BGT

7. X - SFMM

8. Phoenix - Knoebels

9. Oblivion - Alton Towers

10. Blue Streak - CP

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1) Revenge of the Mummy...I was hooked after the fourth time I rode it (because thats how many times it took me to ride it with my eyes open).


2) The Beast... hard to beat in my opinion, especially if you ride it at night!


3) Top Thrill Dragster... first row? wow... however, first row when it just starts to rain OWWWWW :?


4) The Hulk... that take-off? Crazy :shock:


5) The Legend... I heart airtime


6) The Raven... ditto


7) Raging Bull... awesome first drop and could those seats BE any more comfortable? Plus, I was proposed to on it


8) Screaming Eagle at Six Flags St. Louis... a classic, NEVER a bad ride


9) Kraken... smooth, fun, and I loved the layout


10) Amazing Adventures of Spiderman... you know that part where Hobgoblin throws the pumpkin and Spiderman deflects it and it hits the wall and bursts into flame? AWESOME... yay for fire

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1. Dueling Dragons. I do like Hulk, but I like this a bit more.


2. Hulk. While not as good as Dragon's, it's still one of my favorite coasters! I did not think the launch would have THAT much of a kick!


3. (tie) Spiderman and Alien Encounter. Spiderman is just great and AE was the Disney show that had a edge no other show had. SGE just sucks.


4. Rockin' Roller Coaster. (MGM) Nice launch and nice ride.


5. ToT. (MGM) A very well themed ride and a great thrill.


6. Tremors, Silverwood Theme Park. This woodie just gives you great airtime and tunnels.


7. Timber Terror, Silverwood Theme Park. Just like Tremors, this woodie throws you out of your seat!


8. Orient Express (WOF and not here anymore...sadly) This was my favorite Arrow looper.


9.Outlaw, Adventureland Iowa. A very fun twister with a great first drop.


10. Tornado, same place as the Outlaw. A fun out and back.


Favorite carnival ride! Crazy Beach Party (Huss Frissbe) Just insane!

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1.) Phoenix. The balls-out airtime ride that is wild no matter what.


2.) Chance Zipper. A wild freaking ride, so disorienting.


3.) Phantom's Revenge. I love the setting, airtime, speed and lose gracious lapbars.


4.) Any Intamin Giant Drop. Still the best freefall towers around.


5.) Zamperla Power Surge. A truly unique ride that isn't too intense, but wild at the same time.


6.) Hades. Wow....just an insane ride and completely different from most woodies.


7.) Skyscraper Towers, like the one that used to be at Dorney. A crazy ride that really taps into the fear of heights quite well.


8.) Haunted Mansion, Knoebel's. Just an amazing dark ride with many unique stunts.


9.) Huss Giant Frisbees. Heavy G's and speed with tall heights for a "flat ride".


10.) Bisch Rocco Flying Skooters (Knoebel's, formerly PKI as well). I love snapping the cables and watching onlookers watch in horror. Such a fun ride, and anything interactive is always entertaining.


-Bryan "there is more to parks than roller coasters!" Wood

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1. Millennium Force

2. Tower of Terror

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Magnum XL-200

5. Wicked Twister

6. Soarin' (simply for the "wow" factor)

7. Raptor

8. Mission: Space

9. American Adventure at Epcot. Seriously. I love how inspired I get after every time I watch it.

10. Gemini


...I really haven't been to any parks except WDW parks, Cedar Point and Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. I wanna fly to SoCal and take a trip somewhere with Robb and Elissa!

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1. Expedition GeForce-Holiday Park

2. Superman: Ride of Steel- Six Flags New England

3. Phoenix- Knoebels

4. Kumba- Busch Gardens Tampa

5. Nemesis- Alton Towers

6. Colossos- Heide Park

7. Dueling Dragons- Islands of Adventure

8. Shockwave- Six Flags Over Texas

9. Sheikra- Busch Gardens Tampa

10. Grand National- Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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1. Rock N' Roller Coaster - Disney-MGM Studios

2. Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom

3. Muppet Vision 3D - Disney-MGM Studios

4. Test Track - Epcot

5. Tower of Terror - Disney-MGM Studios

6. Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America

7. Batman: The Ride - Six Flags Great America

8. Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America

9. It's Tough To Be A Bug - Animal Kingdom

10. American Eagle - Six Flags Great America


(Can you tell that the only quality parks I've been to are the ones at Disney World and Six Flags Great America?)

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Going for "Attractions," not "Coasters," I slotted in some "my favorites of their kind," though it was the old apples-and-oranges thingy.


1. MF

2. KK/TTD (they[re really pretty much the same shtick, no?)

3. Nitro

4. S:ROS (SFA/DL, haven't been to SFNE)

5. Hulk

6. Alpengeist

7. Spiderman

8. Drop Zone, PKD

9. Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges (sorry, but I love that ride)

10. T23D, USO

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1. Rita: Queen of Speed, Alton Towers.

2. Oblivion, Alton Towers.

3. Hurukan Condor, Port Aventura.

4. Dragon Kahn, Port Aventura.

5. Stampida (Red), Port Avnetura.

6. The Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

7. Winja's Fear, Phantasialand.

8. Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris.

9. Winja's Force, Phantasialand.

10. Nemesis Inferno (much better then the original in my eyes), Thorpe Park.

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While everyone else is doing coasters and such and the thread asks for attractions I'll be different and restrict coasters


1. Bumper Cars (Hoffman's)

2. Skooters (Knoebels)

3. Flyers (Knoebels)

4. Phantom Flyers(ParCar)

5. Spiderman (IOA)

6. Shockwave (PCW)

7. Dollywood Express

8. Nitro (MFI)

9. Psyclone (PCW)

10. Ripsaw Falls (IOA)

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1. Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull (TDS)

2. Journey to the Center of the Earth (TDS)

3. Incredible Hulk (IoA)

4. X (SFMM)

5. Xcelerator (Knott's)

6. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (IoA)

7. Splash Mountain (MK)

8. Tower of Terror (MGM Studios)

9. Test Track (EPCOT)

10. MIB: Alien Invasion (USF)


as you can see, most of the rides aren't coasters.

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Revenge of the Mummy-USF -An Amazing attraction that left me wanting to go again, again, and again.

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman-IOA -Stunning and very entertaining. It put me directly in the middle of chaos and actually made me a fan of Spiderman

DejaVu-SfGam -Not the BEST coaster on the planet but it's history is what makes me love it so much. Ran like crap for 3 years and is finally beginning to run like a champ. The crew is great, the location is great, and just watching it run is great.

Top Thrill Dragster-CP - Left me simply speechless. Any ride that can do that needs to be in the top ten.

Avalanche-Timber Falls -Speed, Speed, Speed. Airtime, Airtime, Airtime. The wickedist ride known to man.

Chance Zipper- The only ride to ever make me feel like throwing up. And did I mention that it was insane?

Men In Black: Alien Attack-USF -Shooting aliens, great storyline, and spinning. Great combo if you ask me.

Chubasco-SfGam- "My neck feels like it is going to snap." When my friend Dan spins, this thing no longer becomes a ride, it becomes an experience.

Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls-IOA -Best water ride ever! I love water so how could I not have one in my top ten?

Tower of Terror-Disney Studios -Great theming, great cast members, awesome and unique ride programs. Heck, I love Disney.


Believe me, making a top ten list is very hard for me.(I typed over 20 ride names and had to make the list only 10.) I don't rank attractions, because that sort of takes the fun out of everything.


Here's a few others that would be in my top 20.

-Hades-Den of lost Thieves-Raging Bull-Demon Drop-Shivering Timbers-Batman the Ride-Mission Space and countless others

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