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Photo TR: Phantasialand

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Over the weekend I was able to finally visit a themepark that had been high on my list for a long time. A short flight from London and I was able to experience the awesome Winja's, the B&M of Black Mamba, the new Maus au Chocolat dark ride and lots more at Phantasialand.

I was thoroughly impressed with the theming of the lands and rides, the friendly customer service and the general atmosphere of park. I have been to quite a few parks around the world and now Phantasialand is up there in the top 5 for me.


A few comments on some of the rides:


Black Mamba - Even after about 7 rides over the weekend, I still don't really know the layout of this intense coaster. The back row is definitely what it's all about here. Although not as intense as Nemesis, it still packs a mighty punch going through the inversions.


Winjas Force and Fear - The first time on each of them I was definitely caught out with the unique surprises to each of these spinning coasters. I don't really have a favorite out of them as both were had their unique differences to make them both stand out. Being a solo rider really helped with the spinning as I would normally be placed with 2 riders on the other side.


Maus au Chocolat - The new dark ride was in soft opening over the weekend, which pretty much translated to open all day. What a blast! Armed with your chocolate blaster and 3D glasses, you are transported around 8 stages to shoot as many rodents as you can. The cars move around the track in groups of 3, stopping at each stage for about 30 seconds to blast away those pesky rodents. The 3D was quite good with objects thrown at you and some effects appearing to float in front you. Comparing your score after each stage with the rider next to you brings out the competitive side in you. My arm got a bit tired constantly pulling the blaster but the competitiveness in me pushed me on to get the best score each time.


Talocan - The theming on this top spin is amazing! There was always a crowd watching on the viewing area and the ride program was really good.


Mystery Castle, River Quest, Colorado Adventure...These were all top class rides that I had a great time on.


Enjoy the pictures over my weekend at Phantasialand.


First ride of the trip was on the Wellenflug.


The water fountains rose and dipped with the ride so you never actually got wet.



The location in the Kaiserplatz square is perfect filler for the area.


Ready for my ride on the Wellenflug.


Heading around to the fantasy Wuze land where I was eager for my first ride on the Winja's.



Not the easiest ride to photograph as they pack some decent speed around the track.


Facing forwards on the first drop on both Force and Fear was the best.



My carriage spun like crazy through the wild mouse section due to an unbalanced carriage, loved it!


The Tittle Tattle tree gave great views of the Winja's.



Back outside I explored more of the Wuze world with the Wakabato splash battle. The themeing of Phantasialand is incredible!





Making my way back into the Berlin land, I noticed that Maus au Chocolat was open!


Ride sign.


Checking last minute preparations for the opening.


Open! in we go.


The next couple of photos are from the queue theming.






The cars were connected in groups of three as they travelled around the stages.


You can see your white chocolate blaster with a little pull cord.


Don't forget your 3D glasses.


Everyone was so friendly and were happy for you to take their picture.



The two story carousel in Berlin land.


What has Michael Jackson got to do with this ride?


it doesn't matter because this mine train coaster is so much fun!






I'm always up for a photo with random characters.


Tikal was a pair of small family drop towers.


They also spun as you went up and down on a random program.


The staff didn't seem to mind you taking pictures of your on ride photo with your own camera. I did buy my Black Mamba one though.


Now onto the wicked Black Mamba.







The intesity through the ride doesn't really let up which is of course how a coaster should be.




These African dancers drew a crowd with their energy to constantly move and shake it.



Trying to find the entrance for Talocan was not easy.


Aha, I see you.


Wow is all I can say.


Ok so all of the other top spins in the world have to lift their game now.




A quick ride on both of the log flumes, only mildly wet.


Unlike this monster of a raft ride.


The word drenched comes to mind.


The double drop after the whirl pool was a surprise that got quite a few in our raft wet.


Detail, detail, detail everywhere you look.


Phantasialand took me to another world and I loved it.



Mystery Castle was awesome!


The pause at the top of the 65m tower with the strobes going off and everyone with their feet dangling was mind blowing. Loved this ride!


The Saturday was a good sized crowd with short queues for rides. Sunday was a religious day for Germans and oh boy did the crowds come out.


An amazing weekend came to an end at one of Germany's top theme parks.

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Awesome TR! This park is near the top of my list of places I want to visit (just below Tokyo Disney, Paris & London). It looks like a seriously amazing park. And the fact they call Colorado Adventure "The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride" is freaking hilarious! And I REALLY want to ride Winjas. It looks freaking awesome.

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Does anyone know who designed the ride vehicle Maus au Chocolat (Toy Story Mania)???


I know, I caught that too! I thought that was a Disney design. It would make sense though. Disney wouldn't design a low capacity dark ride. But it makes perfect sense if the ride system was already designed and they bought it.


EDIT: Holy Crap! It is just like TSMM!


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Thank you everyone for the great comments, I'm glad you like my take on the park. QueerRudie, my other pictures from the river rapids are more of the same. The real highlights like the whirlpool, elevator and the other drops are out of view from the public eye.

I wont reveal the Winja surprises as it is so much more exciting experiencing them for yourself...if you can make it to Phantasialand.

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First, I just want to say: Great Trip Report! Very very nice photography. Quality stuff.


I missed this report when you posted it back in June, and my wife and sister-in-law and I just visited Phantasialand on Saturday. We had gone there back in January 2009 (with another TPR friend) and we knew the big new attraction was Maus au Chocolat from the website. I loved the ride, but I was totally blown away when I saw the ride system was the same as TSM! Anyone know the builder, as tt.repo.man asked?


StealthFan, you're shooting rodents with chocolate! Even Elissa can handle that. Especially when she gets to hear the mice chatter squeekily in German.


I do recommend visiting Phantasialand during the winter season. All the coasters remain open, and many attractions are indoors. The park is full of special lighting and displays, and there are plenty of open fires for warming up. Lots of hot cocoa and gluwein (really sweet red wine serve warm) too.


Once again, great great report.

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I completely missed this report earlier, too. Phantasialand is a great, quirky park, and Maus au Chocolat looks like a great addition. (Had no idea that it was going to be Midway Mania wtih rodents and cocoa.)

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+1 Chuck.


Oh, I forgot to mention that it looked like one or both of the log flumes was getting torn out. I don't know the park too well, but I put my camera over a construction fence and saw some of this:


Something's getting torn out. Colorado Adventure can been seen to the left.


Anyone who knows the park well know what's going on here?

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