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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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^Aren't the Intamin's 'Hydraulic' Launches?


Oops, you're right. However, Lynet is a LSM ride - as is Rock'n'Roller Coaster at Disley, Xpress at Walibi World, and Formule X at Drievliet.


There are also at least two more LSM rides going in next year, one at Plopsaland and one at Europa Park.

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I agree that this proposed layout would make me not regret losing the wooden coaster at all. This is probably even a better deal than the Hercules demolition - Hydra construction on its spot that took place at Dorney.


The wooden coaster looked like it had a good layout. I can't speak about the ride quality though.

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^^Yeah, but it's one of the first Intamins to use a LSM launch...

The only other ones I can think of are California Screamin and Maverick...

Will be interesting to see how it turns out...


^Sierra Tonante will be missed by everyone who lives nearby, becouse it was the only woody in Italy, and this part of Europe...

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Here is a list of all the current LSM coasters built by Intamin according to RCDB.


Atlantis Adventure- Lotte World, South Korea

Avatar Airbender- Nickelodeon Universe, Minnesota

Half Pipe- Chimelong Paradise, China

Half Pipe- Elitch Gardens, Colorado

Half Pipe- Sarkanniemi Amusement Park, Finland

Maverick- Cedar Point, Ohio

Superman The Escape- Six FLags Magic Mountain, California

Surfrider- Wet'n'Wild Water World, Australia

Tower of Terror- Dreamworld, Australia


California Screaming was listed as a LIM so I did not include it, and some of the half pipe coasters didn't have LSM listed but I'm almost positive they utilize LSMs.

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With a two-day advance on the planned launch at TTG, fair tourism to be held in Rimini from Oct. 24-26, Mirabilandia has released the first promotional video for iSpeed.


The new 2009 Mirabilandia as you know has launched a construction Intamin coaster and its 55 meters high and a vertical drop of 90 will be one of the most adrenaline coaster in Europe and with a theme of impact, as is that of Formula 1 .


The inaugurated as the iSpeed Mirabilandia us accustomed in recent years will be forwarded to the season, we talk about June.


Original news and video - Mirabilandia iSpeed

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The video is really nice looking!

The coaster also looks really sick...

A 55m tophat, followed by a large airhill, and than some really small S-hills, and a completely insane, way too fast roll...

I hope it won't have to be taken out, like Maverick's...


EDIT: Btw, was this supposed to be the official announcement?

Didn't they say, they would announce it today?

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Sry for the double post, but today, Mirabilandia made the official announcement!




Here's the official article...


and here's the same article translated into english:



We publish the press release issued by the park at TTG 2008 in Rimini:


Wonderland closes 2008 with satisfaction - In 2009, accelerating from Formula One with "iSpeed"


Al-TTG TTI di Rimini (24-26 October) the amusement park on the implementation of the 2008 season: visitors and budget unchanged compared to 2007. From March to October sold 550,000 overnight stays by park + hotel package - In 2009 investment of 15 million euros for iSpeed, rollercoaster with acceleration from Formula One for a full adrenaline - Opening of the 2009 season on April 9.


Same visitors in 2007 (2 million entries) and a slight increase of 1% of net sales (equal to total 52.4 million euros).


Concludes with satisfaction in 2008 for the Wonderland Park, which at the 45esima edition of TTG games and 8 edition of TTI di Rimini (24-26 October) presented the budget of the season just ended.


A difficult season in terms of tourist visas to the holiday calendar is not particularly favorable, the weather pattern altalenante June (with no less than 10 days of rain, then redeemed by the extraordinary performance in July and August) and the shadow that the economic crisis the country has drawn over the summer. Thanks also to the Reset (10 million), the new attraction opened in 2008, the park has been able to meet public expectations, while staying competitive side.


Excellent again this year for the initiative "the day after entering free and stay for the package park + hotel (which offered, starting from 44 euros, 2 consecutive days at the Park and a night at the hotel at 3 stars) that has involved about 300 hotels in the Riviera Romagna. Much as 46% of the visitors withdrew the bracelet for entry of the second day and were sold 550,000 overnight stays (+10% on 2007).


Regarding the origins of the public, in 2008 the proportion of holidaymakers in Riviera entered the park has dropped compared to last year, 5 points (from 30% to 25%), while local visitors were up one point (from 21% to 22%) and the percentage of visitors who have chosen Wonderland as the final destination is increased by 4 points (from 49% to 53%).


Now the park is already working to the great attraction of 2009: the new rollecoaster "iSpeed", which will rise to the post of Sierra Tonante, the historic wooden ottovolante the park. The attraction (for which there is an investment of 15 million euros), will be entirely focused on the speed and Formula One and "promises" a lot of adrenaline. Its cars, thanks to the launch magnet, will be "fired" with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.2 seconds (the last Ferrari California employs less than 4 seconds [the Bugatti Veyron employs 2.5]), a 55 meters in height, touching peaks of 120 km per hour. In addition to investment for the new attraction for 2009 Wonderland of 3 million euros in communication.


The 2009 season will open officially on Thursday April 9.



Looks like it opens on April 9th!



I also found this:


(Thanks to niko007 from Miraforever.com)

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  • 4 weeks later...

It says that the construction for the new coaster has began a couple of weeks ago and that they are working on the foundations of the ride.


It's nothing amazing but at least it's something.


It doesn't say it in that article but they removed part of Blue River to make more room for the coaster.


Blue River is that blue slide you can see in the bottom of this picture.

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RCDB says it's using LSMs and not hydraulics. That's sort of interesting.... I guess electromagnetic launches are making a triumphant return! I remember when everybody thought hydraulics were the new age of launch mechanisms...


It'll be neat to see how this turns out, and if Intamin will continue using LSMs or go back to hydraulics.

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Layout looks awesome!

Lot's of airtime, and cool twists!

A couple of things I noticed:

-the drop of the tophat turns like 135*. I don't think any other vertical drop does that...

-The corkscrew looks like it could kill, judging by the speed at which the train travels through it...

-The immelman is more like the second half of a norwegian loop! Yay!

-do I spot a trim brake before the immelman?

-2 barrelrolls. Yay!

-It's the first ever rocket to feature a MCBR. And by the lenghth of the MCBR I would say that it's going to be running 3 car trains. Also, this will enable 3 train operation. Yay!

-The ending brake is curved, like on Stealth and KK...


So far I love the layout! Can't wait to see what the final product will be like!

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