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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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The maintenance work extraordinary katun were completed in record time, since yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) Katun has reopened to the public.

To resolve the problem so quickly technicians have worked until late at night so that the inconvenience to the public all things considered acceptable.


Original News on Mirabilandia Forever Site

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Here's the official announcement; no B&M after all as the lates rumors have said. It's going to be an INTAMIN rocket coaster called "iSpeed".


The investment for the park will be about 15 millions of euros and they confirm that it's going to be a big thrill ride.


The MAGNETIC launch will take riders from zero to about 60mph in 2.2 seconds wich is like Desert Race or Rita. The length of the track will be about 3280 feet long with the highest point located 164 feet above the ground.


The location of the ride is going to be where Sierra Tonante used to be and it's going to be themed around the Formula 1 world.


They don't say anything about inversions so we'll have to wait for that. If you can speak italian, here's the original message.


Si chiamerà "iSpeed" la novità 2009 di Mirabilandia.


Comporterà un investimento di 15 milioni di euro per il parco di Ravenna e sarà un'attrazione decisamente adrenalinica dedicata principalmente ai più giovani e a chi ama le forti accelerazioni.


Si tratterà infatti di un LAUNCHED COASTER di produzione Intamin - azienda svizzera famosa per la qualità delle proprie attrazioni - il cui percorso si svilupperà per circa 1000 metri all'interno di parte dell'area occupata fino alla fine del 2007 dal coaster in legno "Sierra Tonante".


La partenza sarà particolarmente eccitante e innovativa per il mercato europeo, dal momento che sarà di tipo magnetico e svilupperà un'accelerazione che lancerà i passeggeri del treno da 0 a 100 km/h in 2,2 secondi.


Il Layout del tracciato, che si innalza fino ad oltre 50 metri, è stato realizzato dal famoso studio di progettazione tedesco Stengel.


Il tema scelto dal parco è quello del mondo della Formula 1, che ben si adatta sia all'accelerazione della partenza che alla velocità del tracciato.

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I've always thought that the B&M was going to be for Mirabilandia too but from some news I've seen on Screamscape a couple of days ago I think that it's going to go to China to the new Happy Valley.


I'm really excited about this coaster because Mirabilandia never got enough attention from the GP.


I can't wait to see the layout.

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Actually, it says on Miraforever.com, and some other sites, that it's going to have 4 inversions...


There's a pic in that link, which shows sierra tonante in top view, and the places, where the new coaster will have inversions are marked with pink dots. The red dot shows where the tophat (highest point) is going to be...

Wanna bet that the double inversion nearest to the tophat is a Norwegian loop?

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Ya think?


That google maps image pretty much convinced me, but I guess you are right.

I really hope they don't stay a rumour for much longer.

A pretzel/norwegian loop would really be awesome.


BTW, I was thinking...

Intamin hasn't made a tophat ride since 2005, I think...

And they've been pretty obsessed with the past vertical drops lately...

What if they make a past vertical tophat?

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The only graphic thing there is to find is here:


You have a couple construction pics if you scroll down a bit, and the last picture is a google maps image of Sierra Tonante, and it has the highest point, the station and the inversions drawn in...

But, yeah, I don't really think that's official...

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I'm not expecting to see any graphic of the layout. We'll have to figure it out from the construction which hasn't really started yet. They still have to finish to clear the area and start with the footers.


Last year I followed the construction of Mammut and the track layout was released by Vekoma on their website after the track was completed. I hope this one will be different.


The rumors says that they are waiting for the official season to end to start the ground work and they already have planned a late opening during the season.


One more thing: I'm still wondering how it's going to go through a 164 feet "top hat" (or whatever it's going to be) with a speed of only 60mph.

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One more thing: I'm still wondering how it's going to go through a 164 feet "top hat" (or whatever it's going to be) with a speed of only 60mph.


I am still wondering if it's going to be similar to Maverick. It might have a 164 foot "launched lift hill" and then feature a 60 mph launch at some point afterwards.

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