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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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^ That's what I'm wanting as well. It's no doubt that B&M makes VERY high quality roller coasters, it's just that they need more creative layouts. And maybe they can revive the Stand Up coaster with a softer restraint style.

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I'll be the first to admit I'm a fan of B&M because of their reliability.


Even though it seems like they might be getting better at building them, whenever I hear of B&M making a new sitdown coaster, for some reason I can't help but cringe.


They should stick with what they're good at.

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It is listed on RCDB now .




Anyways it says B&M but I am questioning the height they have down. They say it's 164ft tall but I am wondering did they put it down wrong as earlier it stated it will be taller than Katun which is 164ft and maybe they just got it mixed up or maybe they have some sort of height limit? I just find it odd that it would be the exact same height as Katun.


Anyways I think this is awesome news and Mirabilandia will now be high on my must visit list for next year.

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Maybe it's listed as the same height as Katun because obviously if it's going to be taller than that, it has to at least 164 ft tall. So, we know it's min. that tall, and when the guy at rcdb gets further information, he will update the height, but I guess for now he's just keeping it listed as its lowest possible height.

Just a thought.

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Actually, I'm quite sad about Sierra, since it was the only woody near my place (Slovenia; still a good 6 hours drive, though), and it was one of my favourite coasters ever...

It was quite rough, and had no airtime at all, but it pulled 4G! 4G on a damn woody! And also it had awesome lats!


But, yeah, a B&M hyper is quite good news, I guess...

Anyone has any more pictures of the demolition of ST?

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Nice to hear Mirabilandia are getting something new to replace the ok woodie, might explain why it was running the red train as the white train wasn't to been seen at all. When I visted back in Septmber, whille it was running both the year before, round the same time


Looked forward to another yearly trip sometime this year to see Construction and many rides of the fantastic Katun!

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For 2008 season Mirabilandia is working on Reset.

It's an interactive dark ride by Mack.

The theme is the Manhattan underground in 2117 year.


The ride will open on June 28, but in the meantime you can watch some interesting video:


Mirabilandia: video of Reset's inside scenery


Mirabilandia: video of Reset's artworks


Mirabilandia: Reset, what a wonderful scenography!

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Mirabilandia, Katun is closed, the coaster N° 1 in Italy will remain closed for approximately one week (unless further problems), the cause is a problem in joining the track in the cobra roll.


Mirabilandia said that Katun was completely overhauled this winter, but now it was necessary that this intervention will mean the closure of Attraction for about a week.


Probably katun reopen around August 9-10


Original news

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