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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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OK, that looks positively insane... I would say the airhill is about 25m high, if I compare it to the tophat. Anyway, it's less than a half of the tophats heighth. Imagine the airtime!


And, yeah, I did notice the suports...

Remind me of those from Jet Rescue or w/e that ride is called...

Looks like Intamin picked up a new support style!


Great, now I'll have to work double if I'm making an Intaimn in NL...

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That is pretty insane.

looks like this ride actually might live up to the i-speed name and rip around this track with quite a bit of pace. its a pity the airtime hill doesn't reach the floor but should provide a good pop considering the height difference

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OMG, this is looking extremely awesome!


love the heartline roll!


Also, I think that in the 3rd photo is the turn before the heartline roll!


Kepp us updated, please!


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Well, you'd think Intain would learn from their mistakes, right?

Besides, this one will be taken at a much lower speed, and will actually be a full 360* roll, not just the half roll that was supposed to be on Maverick. That thing must've produced massive lats...





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Those turns look sweet. The #1 coaster in 09' (IMO) still stays that way!




This is going to be a brilliant new ride for Mirabilandia and Europe for that matter.

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What attaches off the back of the supports, or in some cases just on the support? You can see in the previous pictures that there are still places that "other supports" will connect. Is it themeing or just more joints for other sections of track to attach?

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Have we got any concrete information about an opening date? I'll be in the area in the last week of May but don't plan to stop unless there's a reasonable probability that the coaster will be open.

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