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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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That's another thing - has the Arrow train done anything to improve Ninja's ride quality? It seems like it's a "pick your poison" coaster now...



More like pick which hammer you'd like to use to beat your brains out.

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I haven't ever ridden one, but it doesn't seem like its too different of a restraint than your average chair swing. I don't think there is anything necessarily unsafe about them, but I do think if someone was an idiot or suicidal or something they could easily manage to escape from it.

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I haven't ever ridden one, but it doesn't seem like its too different of a restraint than your average chair swing. I don't think there is anything necessarily unsafe about them, but I do think if someone was an idiot or suicidal or something they could easily manage to escape from it.


The only difference I found was in the seatbelt. I don't know if it's the same for all star flyers, but on the SFSTl one the seat belts were locked into the side of the seat, rather than the usual two belts that connect in the middle, and once they were locked you couldn't open it until the ride op opened them. They were also like car seat belts where they can get tighter by themselves, so if you suck in your gut for a moment they'll strap you down tight. You still get the feeling of being barely secured, but I don't think it would be that easy to get out, especially once you start swinging.

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^Yeah, I don't know how many or which ones, but I know some (most?) Starflyer restraints do lock.


It isn't that they are unsafe. It is the illusion that you aren't as secure as say a Windseeker.



I did used to wonder about chairswing restraints as it seems it wouldn't take much effort to escape from them. But it's obvious that, for whatever reasons, they're considered perfectly safe.

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Okay, I guess I am going to the park on Saturday September 1st (aka Saturday of Labor Day) since I just moved to Mississippi from Texas for college... I know it is going to be horrible day there with the crowds, but it will be my first time at the park! What is recommended for me and my other person that I am bringing to do there when we arrive? Do we get a Flash Pass or what order of rides should we do? Any great places to eat, watch shows, shop? But we are hoping that Hurricane Issac will scare most people...

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If you are looking to just ride mostly coasters then I would get to the park before they open and be at the front gates when they open. Start with Dare Devil Dive. After that, head to the back of the park riding Superman, then Scream Machine and Ninja(if you don't care about credits then skip Ninja.) Then I would head back to the front riding Canyon Blaster, Mine Train, Cyclone, Scorcher,Goliath, Mindbender and Batman. If you follow this path then the only ride that might have a really long line is Batman.

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I have been to SFOG 7 times in the last 3 months. The last time being this past Saturday.


I would wait and feel out how busy they are before purchasing the Fast Pass. We have purchased it a couple of times this season and regretted it because the lines were not very long at all. This past Saturday they weren't that busy at all, but the Saturday before that they were packed. If they are busy, and you have the money, I would suggest buying the Platinum Flash Pass. The Saturday before last we still had 2 hour wait times on the bigger coaster with the regular Flash Pass.


I would recommend going straight to the Superman if you aren't buying a Flash Pass. The past few times I have been the longest line was at the Superman by far. However, the next longest line has been the Dare Devil Dive followed by Goliath. Both of the last two rides are located near other. If you do plan on doing this, I'd check out the park map online before going because the Superman is on the other side of the park, so you will want to be sure to know where you are going when you make you run for it.


The shortest lines every time have been at the Ninja, Scream Machine and Acrophobia. Acrophobia moves really fast no matter how long the line is, because each ride holds 30 people, and it's like a 45 second ride.


If you plan on stopping by the Monster Mansion expect a long line until about 7:30. It's a favorite for non thrill seekers and stays long the entire day!


Expect to get wet on Thunder River and Splash Waterfalls. It's pretty inevitable.


My recommended seats for the rides, include:


Superman: FRONT ROW ALL THE WAY! I will never ride anywhere but the front row again. If you are anywhere else you are staring the botto of somebody else's feet, and you get more of the flying feeling in the front row.

Goliath: BACK ROW! You get more airtime. I'd also suggest putting your feet up and well as your hands when you are going down.

Cyclone: ANYWHERE BUT THE BACK! This past Saturday when I was there we tried the back seat, and I will never again! The ride needs a little more retracking, and it pretty shaky right now.

Scream Machine: I'd suggest the front seat or any seat that does not have a wheel underneath it. It can pretty shaky in the very back and the back of any of the seperate cars.

Ninja: The second to last row or the very last row seem to be the least jarring.

Batman: FRONT ROW!

Mindbender: Front or Back row. I personally prefer the back row.


The Scorcher has really long load and unload time. I'm not sure why, but it has always taken longer than any other ride at the park. It's a great ride and worth the wait, but just expect to wait a little longer.


Just general information. The Sky Buckets load near the Acrophobia on one side and near Thunder River and Splash Waterfalls on the other side. The side with Thunder River is fairly close the Ninja, Scream Machine and Superman as well, if you go to the left when you are exiting the loading/unloading station.


Most of the food and drink places open around 11 and close around 8. This includes places that give free refills, so if you plan on grabbing one last refill for the road you might want to hit up a place about 7:50.


I don't have any food suggestions. I usually just grab chicken fingers from one of the many places that sell chicken fingers. We did each BBQ one time from Daddy'Os, but it wasn't really much to talk about. There is a Chinese and Mexican restaurant inside the park, but to be honest most of the time we bring our own lunch and go out the car and eat it. Also, there is a Wendy's right by the park that you could leave to eat at, and then return back into the park.


Acrophobia and Goliath are my two favorite rides in the park, by far. It's a fun park with a good bit today, but it can and will get hot pretty fast.

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I am going to take a stab at where they will put the Sky Screamer. My best bet would be somewhere in the DDD/Goliath area, but that is pretty close the Crime Wave. If they put it closer to the Scream Machine area that would be their best bet at having the height over 200 feet I would think, if the height limit because of the airport is true. They could expand into the back parking lot, but again that's really close the Crime Wave. I wouldn't think they would put it too close to the Crime Wave because it will make that ride seem less appealing.


They could take the go-karts out and put it there. That sounds like a great idea!

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Speaking of wanting new slides for White Water...




In 2013, prepare to brave the storm on the all-new Typhoon Twister at Six Flags White Water.

Typhoon Twister will make landfall at Six Flags White Water in summer 2013. The massive new water park attraction — the very first of its kind in the state — will take you by storm, sending you and 3 other bold adventurists (on a four-person tube) barreling down an enclosed five-story drop before shooting you out into a gigantic 67-foot wide bowl where you’ll be hurled around and around in pure mayhem, before finally dropping out through a corkscrew chute into a splash pool below.

“We are beyond excited to debut Typhoon Twister next year”, said Melinda Ashcraft, park president, Six Flags Atlanta Properties. “The 2013 season will be another exciting year at the park as we continue to provide innovative water rides and slides for our guests.”

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