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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Trains stack at Six Flags Over Georgia faster than pancakes at the Waffle House across the street.

Waffle House doesn't serve pancakes.


Touche'! Very good... I guess I should have said Waffles


I'm glad you guize like the pics, so I'll add a few more








While I'm at it, might as well add what is probably one of the best coaster postcard shots ever:





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Thank you for posting these fantastic photos of Mindbender. Despite seeing most of the layout from the parking lot I do love how it seems secluded from inside the park. It is a true gem and I'm glad that SFOG keeps it running the way Anton wanted it to be ran, i.e. no additional modifications to ruin the awesome ride experience.

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The park yesterday was empty which meant small lines! Everything was running but with horrible operations (except for Mindbender!) No one was screaming as bad or as loud as our group was. We were the most excited when they dispatched each train. I did not have Flash pass, nor there was the need for it (People were still dumb for getting it) We didn't get DDD or GASM in. Lots of buses were there, but it wasn't really an issue.


Mindbender: The ride is as great as its always been, and the ops were getting trains out before the next one got back!

Georgia Scorcher: Great ride and very intense. I rode in the middle in the morning, but I was in the front row later that day!

Georgia Cyclone: It did not hurt me at all, but the airtime was definitely present. Rocky Mountain should finish retracking the ride, though.

Goliath: Most insane airtime I have ever had. Definitely one of my favorites!

Ninja: Surprisingly did not hurt. Was very smooth and was very forceful.

Batman: I greyed out in the helix. It was very intense, and I loved every second of it. A kid next to me was almost kicked off for being too short, but he was tall enough, so he was able to ride.

Superman: I absolutely loved it! It was forceful, and it was fun. Definitely worth the short wait!



Mindbender: 1x/station wait.

Georgia Scorcher: 2x/ station wait.

Georgia Cyclone: 3x(2x while not getting off)/ walk-on

Goliath: 1x/ station wait

Ninja: 1x/ station wait

Batman: 1x/ 10 minute wait

Superman: 1x/ 40 minute wait

Log Jamboree: 1x/ 10 minute wait

Thunder River: 1x/ 20 minute wait

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Has the iLuminate show debuted yet? If so, how is it? I saw them on America's Got Talent and was impressed, but I want to know what you think of it.


Although me saying the show is awesome may come across as bias, here are some reviews from park guests:



Seeing the group perform in person is quite an experience. The choreography in the show could stand on its own, so adding in the technology of the suits and the illusions that come with it makes this something never done before in a theme park show. I definitely recommend getting to the theater at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before showtime as each performance has been a packed house.

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Before I write about my visit to Six Flags Over Georgia in which I took a friend with me, I must add two items to some recent posts:


1) I do remember the Mindbender's tracks were painted brown until they were repainted green to help fit into the Gotham City Area. Regardless what color the tracks are, Mindbender is always a great ride.


2) Yes, Team iLuminate is on and you can see them in the Crystal Pistol Theater. Please line up early because you and a thousand others wants to come inside and see them live. It's worth the price of admission alone.


June 24 was a hot sunny day that attracted a huge crowd that day, so we got to ride only nine rides ( but I did ride one extra ride - The Santa Maria - late in the evening). Now despite that the day was hot and the park was crowded, we did have a great time although there were a few rides we had to skip. We rode Goliath, Dare Devil Dive, Mindbender, Batman : The Ride, stopped to see Team iLuminate, had lunch and watched A Wild West Comedy Show, took a tour through Monster Mansion, Ninja, Great American Scream Machine, Superman Ultimate Flight, I rode Santa Maria as my friend took a smoking breaking, and our last ride was on the Mine Train. After that, it was getting late, we were exhausted, and we wanted to tour some gift shops before heading back to the motel. In between rides, we explored the rest of the park, including stopping at Skull Island and Bugs Bunny's World.


Some comments: I wish the park will bring back the Scrambler. I'm sure it'll fit in any area of the park.


The ride attendants running Batman were super slow. It seemed like it took forever before they dispatched a train, and they were running two trains as well.


In Gotham City, the old Batman Stuntshow area is still there and still not in use. Either bring back a show or just get rid of it and put something else in its place. By the way, Gotham City sure could use a paint job.


And speaking of old showplaces, the one between French and Lickskillet that used to have a sea lion show is just wasting space. I would like to see them put in a new show.


Well, that's all from me.


"That's a lot of typing you did there, so why don't you come to bed and rest with me?"

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Does anyone know if SFOG is charging $15 extra per person that want to use the Platinum Flash Pass on Dare Devil Dive? That was the case last year and I know their site mentions Flash Pass is only available to Platinum holders on DDD

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Does anyone know if SFOG is charging $15 extra per person that want to use the Platinum Flash Pass on Dare Devil Dive? That was the case last year and I know their site mentions Flash Pass is only available to Platinum holders on DDD


Dare Devil Dive reservations are still only available to Platinum Flash Pass Holders, but there is no longer a charge.

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Just wanted to ask what type of rides and coasters do you see being built at SFOG in the future. I can see a 200ft sky screamer built for next year maybe. They could take down Axis arena and put something in like a dark knight clone. As someone said earlier a wing coaster replacing ninja would be awesome. It could have the same name ( ninja ) and have a keyhole like X flight but go through a ninja themed building.

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Has anybody else noticed how rough Goliath has become in the middle cars? What would cause that considering the front is fairly smooth?

Goliath is 6 years old. It's going to experience the same rattle that all B&Ms get. It just needs some maintenance, and it should be fine.

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^ Your school starts that early. The earliest I remember going to school was on the 9th I think, but they changed it because it was to hot. I think schools need to start after Labor day, theme parks would definitely benefit. Also I don't understand why SFOG closes so early on the week days during the summer.

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Just wondering considering i rode the Goliath about a month ago about five cars back and it was pretty rough. but when i rode in the front and the back just today and it was smooth . But on my other question I was just speculating that maybe the park was expanding its parking out there so the older parking lot could be used for an expansion. That would be pretty cool i think.

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It has to do with the train you ride. I think train two is the really rattley one. I don't know why this hasn't been repaired yet because it was getting really bad at the end of last season. Ridden it several times this season and it is much worse. Goliath has been my number one coaster until this season for that reason.

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