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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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While I've never seen the water high enough to cover the actual track of Scream Machine or over Half of Mindbender's loop, this is at least the third time I've seen SFOG flooded.


I could see this weekend if they don't get more rain, but several attractions there will have to be closed: Wheelie, Thomas Town, and Mindbender definitely look like they won't happen, as well as several restaurants in the Lickskillet section. GASM, Ninja, and Batman don't look too bad.

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This does not happen twice a year, more like twice a century.

It may not happen on a definite schedule, but the river overflowing in late winter is not uncommon (not uncommon of any river, really), and the park has been flooded by several large tropical storms in the past (Danny in the late 90s and Ivan in 04 are the worst I remember) - the weird part about this is that it wasn't the remnants of a hurricane, just a really massive and slow storm.


Though I admit this is the worst this side of town has been in my memory. The river is still rising it seems as they keep closing bridges

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Pay no attention to the photos of the Scream Machine almost completely submerged in water — Six Flags over Georgia plans to open this weekend, a park spokeswoman said Tuesday.


Park employees have been checking the water levels constantly, communications director Kendell Kelton said. While officials still need to wait for any flooding to recede, workers are gearing up to open Saturday, one weekend before the annual Fright Fest Halloween festivities


"We've handled floods in the past, and we know how to handle this," Kelton said.


The area around the Scream Machine has been underwater since Monday, she said. If the water doesn't recede, that area will remain blocked off this weekend, Kelton said.


Heavy rains and flooding have caused portions of I-285 and I-20 in Cobb County to close. Schools are also closed Tuesday.


Six Flags over Georgia is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast. Its two parks — the Six Flags in Austell and the White Water property in Marietta — are the region's largest employer of seasonal workers.


Yet the park's New York-based parent company filed for bankruptcy in June as a way of dealing with $1.8 billion worth of debt. While the company said the move would not impact individual parks, the ability to open this weekend and prepare for Fright Fest remains important for Six Flags over Georgia.


Interstate 20 remains empty near the Six Flags Park exit on Tuesday. Flood waters from the Chattahoocee River covered parts of I-20 and Six Flags Over Georgia.

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I live about 8 miles from the park off 285 and there are several neighborhoods around here that are flooded close to the chattahooche river. There were lots of houses destroyed and the flooding was pretty bad but nothing happened in my neighborhood thank God. Lets just hope that this does not affect GASM or Mindbender. They seem to have the worst flooding. And as someone said before, God please wash Ninja away and bring us something better in its place! PLEASE! Oh and just one more thing...maybe GA Cyclone will fall apart if we are all lucky!

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HA! Coasterbear30 - I am in one of those neighborhoods not affected by the flooding. And I (and my H) would like to see the immediate progress made by SFoG after these last two days' floods. Long term residence folks are used to seasonal floods here, but yesterday's flooding was quite different than what usually happens yearly in this locality... And it sadly has not been without tragic results. (Though I agree with your "Sweep Ninja Away" prayer! Replace with an Intamin mini-hyper, like Goliath in Walibi-World!)...


As for our experience here locally, our neighborhood was north of the most serious flooding. We're unaffected. But my H had to tele-commute today because every route he had to go to work into downtown ATL was blocked off by overwhelmed rivers or streams that cut off roads and highways.


I'm leaning towards H and I going to SFoG just to support the park at this time. They likely need it.... But that depends on babysitting arrangements...

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These pictures all look even worse than the video! The forecasts are calling for drier air coming to the south early next week. I hope they can get the water out before too much damage is done. Wood coasters in standing water are not a good combination.


But I'm on the "Wash Ninja Away" bandwagon!

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Thats too bad that Six Flags and the whole area is Flooded. A few Years ago, I went to Six Flags Over Georgia and it rained for over 3 hours. I was waiting in line for Batman and after what seemed like forever, they reopened the ride. Since pretty much everybody had left, we rode Batman at least 5 times in the front and the rain led to one of the most exciting runs that I ever got on this ride.

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I hope it does open up this weekend.


We have had a trip planned there for a month now. Supposed to be there this sat. Called the park, but can't seem to get a firm answer on weather or not they are going to open this weekend.


From the looks of the latest satilite picture..




It looks like the water has gone down a little, but not a lot. Gasm is still under water. Can't see the front of the park from the picture.


My main concern is getting on goliath, scorcher, superman, monster mansion.

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The water is actually receding fairly quickly. I think we'll definitely see some closed rides, but there will be enough for the crowds this time of year. It is crazy to see these rides in this state, but hopefully this will get some cash flowing to fix up GASM (and I agree that Cyclone will hopefully be stripped of it track and Ninja will simply float away).


Please keep the people in that area in your thoughts, though. I have several colleagues who live in that area who will not far as well coming out of this. It's been pretty bad around here for some.

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Despite being in an area hit hard by this week's flooding, Six Flags over Georgia officials are hopeful the park will be able to open this weekend.


Several rides at the theme park were partially submerged in water, but some of the water has receded, according to aerial photos. Employees at the park will continue the clean-up process this week and assess the condition of the rides and attractions, said Kendell Kelton, park spokeswoman.


Obviously the safety of our guests is the number one priority," Kelton said Wednesday afternoon.


Earlier Wednesday, all lanes of I-20 — which runs alongside the park — reopened, meaning park-goers will have a way to get to Six Flags.


The entrance to the park and the ticket area was dry when an AJC reporter stopped by Wednesday. The reporter was not allowed on the park grounds.


This weekend is the last before the park hosts its annual Halloween festivities. Fright Fest is planned for every weekend in October.


"We still have all of our plans in place," Kelton said.


Looks like it will be a wet and wild time at SFOG this weekend. I'm sure GASM will be closed at the very least.

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I just got off the phone with the park.


They said that the "lickskillet" section of the park was effected, and that they are not sure what rides in that area are going to open. The rest of the park should be open.


If that is actually the case, kudos to the park for getting the mess cleaned up this quick.

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