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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Yea as much as I hate to see it go...just because they took out the DejaVU bit in the Thomas Town press release don't really mean anything! Because it has been taken off the ride list and the train has been taken off the track...so that is 2 very good indications to me that they are deffinantly taking it out.


But to raise a question...could they have decided to acctually just move DejaVu!?! Reason I say this is because as yall said...they took the DejaVU bit out of the Thomas Town press release(and that does kind of seem strange to me that at first they would say this will replace DejaVU but then just take it out of the press release)...and they could have taken it off the site because it wont be open for the rest of the season, then they would put it back on when they get it rebuilt! What do yall think about this? I'm just trying to look at the optimistic side...I really enjoy the ride and wish they could once and for all fix all of the problems and keep it running on a regular basis.


Oh yea and really nothing to do with the removal...but i think some of the reason that it had so many problems is because I think the coaster was almost TOO technical...and I think Vekoma made the Giant Inverted Boomerang much more technically complicated that it really had to be! What do yall think...


Oh and one more thing then ill get back on subject...did/does the Stunt Fall (the 4th Vekoma GIB in Spain) have as much trouble as the DejaVu models?


Ok back on subject...

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Hey guys...I was just going to give yall a small update on what ive heard on the status of the removal of the ride..."ITS STAYIN"...NOT lol...alot of us wish though! But seriously though on the SFOG fan site they have said that the Cobra Roll has beed removed already. Thats all ive heard...ill post more if i hear it or read it on the fan site.


Oh yea...does the park in Spain have problems with "Stunt Fall" like the Six Flags parks have had with Deja VU???

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  • 7 months later...

See story here.


ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — A boy died Saturday after being decapitated at the Six Flags Over Georgia theme park outside of Atlanta, authorities said.


The Cobb County, Georgia, Fire and Emergency department said the victim was part of a group of boys who jumped a fence and entered an area of the park they were not supposed to be in. No one else was injured, the department told CNN.


Cobb County police Sgt. Dana Pierce said a 911 call of the decapitation came in about 2 p.m. ET. The person was located near the back of the park, he said.


A Six Flags spokesman said the park would make a statement after assessing the situation.

I wonder what happened? Did he lose his hat or shoe on Batman and run in a low zone? I recall something similar happening when a maintenance worker was in a low zone while Batman was running, and I think it was at this same park.


But not many details are out now.


Another source.

One of the boys jumped up and tried to grab someone's feet who was on the Batman ride.

So they jumped the fence, and the kid tried to grab someone's feet? That's insane. Batman goes 50 mph. Even if it's going 35 after one of the corkscrews in a low zone, it will do some serious damage to anything it hits. This is ridiculous.


It's like running onto a busy highway and trying to grab someone's mirror off their car. No one does that! So why do people lose their minds (no pun intended) when they enter amusement parks?

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I am always amazed at how dumb people are in this world..



Authorities said the incident happened just after 2:00 p.m. Saturday. A church group went to the amusement park and a group of boys with the group jumped a fence and entered an area that was marked off limits.


One of the boys jumped up and tried to grab someone's feet who was on the Batman ride

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is saying the police won't say whether or not he was decapitated, and the park statement doesn't say that either. But this is all late-breaking news, so we won't get the details for a while.


Oops. That site requires free registration. Anyway, it also says that he hopped over two six-foot fences to get there. Come on, kid! They're there for a reason!

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As amazingly stupid this boy may have been for going into the restricted area, I can't help but think about all of his friends and family. As a 16 year old, if this happened to one of my close friends their stupidity would be the last thing on my mind. My thoughts and prayers go out to the boy's friends and family, this is an absolutely horrible accident.

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Unlike the SFKK incident last season this one cannot be blamed on the park.


I swear what is wrong with people these days? Most anyone would know that if there's a large fence surrounding the ride with the words danger keep out or authorized personnel only it should be more than enough to make them realize that it's a restricted area & to stay out.


What really gets me however is the assinine reason these kids had for entering such a restricted area in the first place.....to grab a rider's feet as a train passed by.Usually we have people entering such areas in search of lost items dropped from the ride which is bad enough but this is just plain aweful.

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Austin Powers: Not the time to lose one's head.

Vanessa Kensington: No.

Austin Powers: That's not the way to get ahead in life.

Vanessa Kensington: No.

Austin Powers: It's a shame he wasn't more headstrong.

Vanessa Kensington: Hmm.

Austin Powers: He'll never be the head of a major corporation.

Vanessa Kensington: Okay, that'll do.

Austin Powers: Okay.

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So on CNN.com it now says it was a GROUP of teens that crossed the fence. No one on the ride was hurt, thankfully.


I'm not sure he was decapitated, as the news media uses that word loosely in a lot of cases, but I guess it could be.


I feel sorry for those that saw the incident, the family of the teen, his friends, and yes, even a little bit for the teen, even if he did do something idiotic. Remember that video of the teen going after his hat in the Jurassic Park ride?

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Can I start the countdown to the family's lawsuit alleging that Six Flags made it too easy to get into a restricted area? Why, those two six-foot fences with "RESTRICTED AREA" signs practically beg you to scale them.


I did this Photochop last year. Turns out it was for the wrong ride.


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