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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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8 hours ago, bert425 said:

Several Coasters have Single Rider queue (most importantly Twisted Cyclone & Goliath).

*but*. . they might not be operating them curing Covid (using single riders to fill every seat).


if they ARE using them?  keep an eye out for them when you get to the station - you have to wait in the main queue along with everyone else, but when you get to the station, check to see if single rider line is open.  If it is, hop in it, you'll get on much quicker, tho you won't get to chose what row they put you in to fill an open seat.

Single queue was not in place when I was there in Oct. for Fright Fest

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Several Coasters have Single Rider queue (most importantly Twisted Cyclone & Goliath).

Completely useless. Even after waiting I'm the main cue forever then you wait in the single rider line as they dispatch trains with half full rows. Occasionally they look over at the single queue and take one or two.

Totally unlike the single rider experience I had in Texas several years ago (2014?). Bypassed the main queue (using fast lane) and they filled every empty seat from the single rider queue if people there.

So SFOG almost never has anyone in the single rider lines because of that. Once or twice I got the fast lane person to let me up to the single rider line on Cyclone, like in Texas. Then I watched 3 trains leave with 4-5 empty seats.
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Agreed on saying you should hit up DDD and Superman first. Twisted Cyclone's line is usually much shorted in the afternoon though. Normally crowds would be bigger those Saturdays because you have a lot of band/choir groups there, but that won't likely be the case now. I'm sure they will still "cap" their attendance, but even so you will have enough time to ride the coasters most likely.

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1 hour ago, The username said:

Do we know if Mind Bender is going to open on opening day?  Thinking about continuing my new tradition of attending opening day for the 3rd year in a row, but if there's no MB idk if I can really justify it.

I would say the answer is "no"

I saw a press release last week, referring to "Spring Opening" and mentioning brand new trains.

and a quick check just now at SFOG website, doesn't even show Mindbender (or Riddler Mindbender) listed on the Rides list.

so. . yeah. . it won't be open till later in the year.

ETA:  it absolutely could just be shitty Six Flags Website. . as I notice Pandemonium isn't on the rides list either. . that certainly hasn't been removed or closed.

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6 hours ago, bert425 said:

^ free parking, does that mean the are upgrading to Gold for free?  if yes, GRAB it. . that gives you free parking at all SF parks.

They did away with that Gold upgrade stuff. Season passes have parking now.

Mindbender will 99% be closed.  On their FB page, their response to it being running opening day was simply, "Spring 2021."  Pretty sure that's a nice way of saying no.

Also, if you bought passes last year, they are still good this year.  'The username' mentioned having a streak going and then buying new passes.  Letting him know just in case.


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Some eagle-eyed people have noticed that the Sky Buckets have been removed from the website. Assuming it’s not just an incredibly-unlikely site error and the ride is being removed, I can’t say I’m surprised but it’s a bummer. Aside from it being a nice ride, it’s also a bummer because they’ll probably leave the towers there forever like New England and it’s a straight budget cut since it’s not opening up any real space.

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don't panic just yet. . look up thread. . Mindbender/Ridder Mindbender, and Pandemonium are missing too.

it's just the website, I'd think. . . "Six Flags". . LOL

(tho there supposedly were rides being removed from some parks, right?)



EDIT:  looks like Pandemonium is back on the rides list.   Still no Mindbender/Riddler Mindbender tho.

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