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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I rode it over 50 times on Thursday, but I wanted to be there again for opening day. We got there and all of the que houses were full, yet the line was at most, an hour long. This ride has the best capacity I have ever seen on any ride I have ridden, and that is a lot. If you think the line looks big, try it out, you will be suprised how fast it moves. It doesn't hurt whatsoever, it is smooth and the airtime is amazing. A great ride that no one will be disappointed with!

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^I went today, there was like, no one there. I was on in the front row ont eh fourth train of the day. I rode it four times today, one of them at night, and I go insane ejector air. I was also VERY surprised by how fast the line moved. I got in line one time when it was full and I was on an hour later.

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I have been on Nitro and S:ROS at NE. Goliath suprisingly beats Nitro. They basically have the same layout, but the only thing I can think of is possibly the height to speed ratio being better on Goliath. The airtime is a lot better than on Nitro, and the bunny hills are the best I have ever been on in any ride. Comparing it to S:ROS is hard because they are two different companies. It all depends on what you prefer. I love the B&M hyper trains more than any other train. I love the floater air and then ejector air on the bunnies like Goliath. I currently give Goliath the edge, but am reriding S:ROS in the summer just to make sure. Either way, Goliath is amazing!

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I've been on the following Hyper Coasters...


Goliath @ SFMM


Magnum XL200


Apollos Chariot






Goliath @ SFOG


Heres the order of my favorites to give you an idea...




2. Goliath @ SFOG


3. Magnum XL 200


4. Goliath @SFMM


5. Nitro


6. Apollos Chariot


SFOG's Goliath truely surprised me, it's absolutely incredible. The ending bunny hops provide some nearly ejector air time.

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I rode it on opening day. We used that flashpass thing. We scanned it and thought the actual time was the designated time, so we went up and since we didn't know they let us right on. I rode it twice and can you say airtime? It was crazy, expecially the second time because we got toward the back. I saw plenty of coaster enthusiests there. THE only other hyper I have been on is Apollo's Chariot and I thought GOLIATH was better. The gift shop has huge stuff also. Like icecrem cones. I'll upload some pics later because i'm on my dads treo right now.

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the airtime i C-R-A-Z-Y! I only waited in line once though... thank you to the artist formerly known as Gold Q-Bot!!


Anyway, I've only been on Goliath, and S:ROS. Airtime feels about the same... but in different areas to me. S:ROS has the "whip-you-over-the-hill" air time, while Goliath has more of the "float-over-the-hill-with-a-minor-whip". I like Goliath more because of comfort. The clamshells are VERY contoured and easy to fit in to. The Intamin T-bars, however, are hard as rocks, and the ankle shackles aren't exactly wlecoming.

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^LOL to ankle shackles! That is such a great description.


About Goliath....it's THE DEAL! I was lucky to ride it over sixty times on Media Day and another 14 or so times yesterday (4/1/06) and it absolutely blew me away. Far surpasses my expectations, something that isn't easy to do!


Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Nitro (hello, hi, my screenname is NitroJoe). This certainly is a different beast than Nitro, with some similarities. The airtime is defintiely more abrupt and forceful on Goliath. The environments are similar in the fact they both go off to "isolated locations".


To show how much I enjoyed it, the line was about 45mins most of the day on opening day. My friends and I rode Superman once, GASM once, and Acrophobia about four times (two were with exit passes). Everything else was for Goliath, and this was after over 60 rides!


Anyhoo, I hate when rides are hyped up a lot so I'll stop and let everyone enjoy the amazingness that is Goliath.


Joe "yay I have a new top five coaster!" C.

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OMG this ride was just plain freaking awesome! Where to begin?! I have no clue. Anyway, it curves 90 degrees out of the station (no thrills yet, unless you're screamin' your head off. As you climb the lift, you are SO full of Anticipation with a capital "A". Then, you drop! The floater airtime on this drop is !!!!!!!!!!! But just when you think the worst is over, you go over 2 EXTREMELY STEEP AND HIGH hills. You hit the turnaround with a double spiral helix, but before you know it, guess what? AN OVERBANKED TURN!!!!!!!!! Going over a few more hills, you finally hit the brakes. This is a GREAT ride!!!!!!!! In fact, as I am typing these words, I can feel the negative G's! If you are into hardcore thrills, DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!!



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so what does corey think about this ride?


i would not ride this ride 55 times in 1 day if i didnt love it

the first 3 rides = tears in my eyes from laughing so much

the front seat is amazing and almost as good as the back...equal the more i think of it

2 completely different rides in the front and back

the wind is intense in the front and there's like no wind from 2-9

headchoppers in the helix = awesome

airtime? amazing. over every hill in any seat even entering the helix

cell phones and other loose objects do fly...

capacity = amazing

so far ive waited no more than 20 minutes for any row other than the front seat

the on ride photos are good even tho theyre @ the end of the ride


my favorite coaster ever

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Well, supposedly it was a lot busier today than on the weekend. I didn't go today, but I went Saturday and Sunday and it wasn't busy at all. I called a number telling me how many people were in the park today and it said 12,000. If you don't really have a good feel for how busy that is, that is the average amount of people that go on a weekday during the summer. If you went sometime last year, you would have a good idea.

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I really liked this ride, we went to Six Flags yesterday and I rode on it five times. Maybe that was because I had a Q Bot thing and didnt have to wait in line for the ride for two hours. I really like the first drop when you are in the ninth row of the ride. The helix is awsome too.

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Hey, I have a simple question that I didn't want to make a whole thread out of but it has to do with Goliath. I'm going to SFOG this Saturday, and I was wondering...It's supposed to be stormy so should I wait for next weekend or just go and hope it isn't closed?

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Yeah, just look at the weather, right now it's says it'll be pretty ugly (at least here in Athens) on Saturday.


You could always take a chance (we did last Saturday, it was pouring here when we left, but everything ended up being okay).

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