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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I like looking at coaster pictures of all types, but RMC hybrids are especially pleasing. The massive wood supports and twisted yet totally smooth steel track always looks so bizarre and alien to me, like they are manipulated in photoshop via a stretch tool, yet also elegant at the same time. They look beautiful and menacing, old timey and modern, all at the same time.

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I said it before and I’ll say it again... I love the colors!

I think I say that every time I talk about this coaster, which is almost every time I see a new picture of it.


On the other hand, can't say I'm a fan of the sign. To each their own.

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I've never been to this SF park yet either, one of the few I've missed, and I'm bound and determined to rectify that this year! Do we have any reasonable idea yet of when this will be open? Memorial Day weekend? Might have to pop up there that following week!

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I've always thought that "sideways airtime" was the point of the wave turn.


My big questions about it are how strong the air would be and how strong the lateral forces would be. I found the laterals on the off-camber turns of Wicked Cyclone to be stronger than I prefer.

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