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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I too arrived around 5pm a day trip from Charlotte and was also astonished at how packed the park was. Almost turned around lol. I was told it was not only the first day of FrightFest which I knew about with the blood drive with free admission and also it was bring a friend for free Day. It was a bit much to say the least but I made thru ok lol.


Now I know SFOG has an issue with wild teens but for Justice League a brand new ride only 5 months old to look like it's been in the park for 10yrs is crazy. This is in the que line.





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That damage to the Justice League queue must be quite recent. I rode it about a month ago and didn't notice anything to that degree. With that being said, I'm not surprised at all that that has happened. Coming from PA and SFGAdv, now living closest to SFOG, the clientele has been... rough recently. Seemingly worse than GADv by a long shot, honestly. Hopefully the park will consider fixing it up. It just looks awful.

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I was at SFOG last night and it was relatively empty compared to the enormous crowds for opening night of Fright Fest. I

could not believe the interior damage that has been done to the walls of JL. The only thing people can do while standing in line is be destructive? It’s just so sad there’s no respect for property. People doing stuff like that ruins it for the rest of us. Anyway, the track for Cyclone is slowly coming down. I’m looking forward to that first delivery of bright blue RMC track!




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I have to say I cannot wait for Twisted Cyclone to open! I went to CA last week for business and over the weekend, we made it to SFMM. They have a RMC'd wooden coast - Twisted Colossus - and it's amazing!!! I realize that our cyclone will be shorter but if it's anything like colossus, it's going to easily become one of my new faves The ride was the smoothest ever and the inversions and loops (yes loops) were awesome. Even though there was no over the shoulder restraints, I felt very secure! OK, I will stop cause I could go on and on.

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So my husband and I went to Fright Fest for the 3rd time this weekend. Almost didn't stay however. Upon arrival in the parking lot we spot Cobb County PD dealing with what appeared to be a break in. After parking we spot FOUR cars with their windows smashed in! Of course we call park security and they send the same poor Cobb County officer our way to document the windows. You would think that they'd station some security in the parking lot on a daily basis.

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Fright Fest has been known as the worst part of the season for atleast a decade. I worked at SFOG in 2005 and I had to call security to the GASM numerous times for line jumpers, fights in the queue and even a guest deciding to jump over the air gates while I was dispatching a train.


It saddens me that they haven't figured out a solution to this repetitive issue after all this time. I almost dont wanna go out there for the fear of my windows being busted out or my truck getting broken into. Smh

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Fright Fest has been known as the worst part of the season for atleast a decade. I worked at SFOG in 2005 and I had to call security to the GASM numerous times for line jumpers, fights in the queue and even a guest deciding to jump over the air gates while I was dispatching a train.


It saddens me that they haven't figured out a solution to this repetitive issue after all this time. I almost dont wanna go out there for the fear of my windows being busted out or my truck getting broken into. Smh


I have to agree. Just anecdotally from attending the park regularly for the last 5 years or so since I became an enthusiast, the clientele at the park does seem to get worse around this time of year. I won’t speculate as to why, but I have noticed it as well. I haven’t seen a break in necessarily, but usually there are more people hanging around in the parking lot or otherwise loitering outside the park with no evident purpose during these later Fright Fest nights.

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Fright Fest Media Night!


On Friday I went to Six Flags Over Georgia for the Media event for their Fright Fest event. I went for the first time last year, so I have something to compare it to. The event overall was great. The atmosphere is amazing with all of the fog and scare zones. The decorations were great, but compared to last year I felt like it was lacking. There were definitely more fog machines, but I feel as if they added more of those instead of more sets and actors. The lines for the mazes were very short meaning the groups were small which I appreciated. The rides were running well, and I didn't see any damage to Battle for Metropolis (It smelled like paint so it was probably repainted). Blue Hawk was running amazing; I had one of the best rides I've ever had on it that night. Now for the mazes:


Camp Slasher: This was new and very well done. The actors were good and the premise was fun. There were guides that started the maze and they were really good in setting the scene. The sets were cool, and I'm pretty sure they have never used that area for a maze.


The Witch's Hollow: This is a really cool maze in the Thunder River queue. It has a nice story and uses the outdoor setting very well. One thing that I was disappointed in was the fact that it didn't go into the station like it did last year, but the actors were very good and the end room was really a highlight.


Madeline Mendoza’s Casa de Muerte: This is one of the better mazes just because it is housed in a place solely for haunts. The actors were the best in the park, and it is one of the scary mazes. The first actor was very good. Overall great maze.


ZX-1: This is my favorite maze in the park. The use of Axis Arena and the sets are amazing. There are truly intense moments in the maze, and the story is present throughout. One thing that I noticed was that there weren't as many actors as last year, and it lessened the intensity and pace of the entire maze. Overall great!


Now for pictures:


Two trains from the parking lot!



Scream Machine was amazing at night


Batman is great as always, especially in pitch black!


Goliath coming out of the fog.


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Thanks for the report (and also to the poster for the TC photos on the last page!)


I'm surprised we aren't getting all that many photographic updates of TC from the locals...

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I'm surprised we aren't getting all that many photographic updates of TC from the locals...


I've been to the park about 6 or 7 times this season. I just never got around to posting a Trip Report. But I have tons of photos.


Once upon a time, Acro scared the crap out of me.. now its a must-ride every trip!


I refuse to ride BTR anywhere except the front row...


A parking lot shot of BTR


GASM climbing the lift...


Blue Hawk... Although I prefer the old Ninja color scheme...


Thunder River has been drained for the season...


Goliath thru the trees!


I refuse to wait in line to ride this...


This was the longest I've seen the line ALL SEASON!!!


This was taken a week prior to the previous pic. Literally a station wait! On a Saturday!




I'm gonna miss her...


But i'm super anxious for her upgraded debut!!!




3 thrills in 1 photo...


Goliath again...


Im hoping that they give the Scorcher some fresh paint before TC opens up...


I always get the chills when I enter the BTR station. I just wish they hadn't slacked on the theming...


Last but not least...

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Gotta give credit where due. It's really nice to see the park offering more accommodating hours for the dining pass! During my visit to Fright Fest yesterday, I noticed dinner and snacks valid until 11PM on Fri, and 10PM Sat/Sun. Signs have been placed on most eating establishments.


Park was not very crowded on this day, which was surprising as the weather was nice and fall-like (finally!) All paid haunts were walk-ups. No lines on any major rides except Justice League, which was plagued with tech difficulties for some reason.


Overall, I see this year as a big improvement for Fright Fest. There are still not many scare-actors roaming but the haunts themselves look like they had more effort and detail put in. Casa De Muerte (Formerly Fearman's Manor) was a pleasant surprise. The 3D effects look so much better than prior years. Witch's Hollow (formerly Bayou Bloodlust) was not at all scary but scored high on the eye-candy chart. The park did an outstanding job with the theming on this one. Camp Slasher (formerly the exit haunt for the Terror Train) was probably the weakest link. This is a very short haunt but what it lacks in length is made up in graphic gore. They could have done more with this one, particularly the intro and transition from 'happy camp' to horror which made little sense. ZX1 is a solid haunt, largely unchanged from last year. Terror Train has been replaced with a ghost-story based ride which seems to play tribute to the park's ongoing 50th anniversary celebration. There is no up-charge to ride the train this year.


I am hoping to make at least a couple more visits to FF before it ends, Tuesday October 31st!!!

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Anybody at the park now or that has gone the past few Sunday evenings and could tell me what the crowds might be like from 8-10 tonight? I will be sticking to rides and not the haunted houses. I live about a hour away so thought I'd ask before blindly driving out there.


Thanks so much

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Since I had to close the store tonight, I decided to visit the park last night to experience Fright Fest at SFOG. It was my first time participating in over a decade (the last time I attended FF at SFOG was in 2005 and I was an on-the-clock employee so idk if that counts or not. Lol)


We arrived around 7:45 and even though the parking lot was packed, the lines weren't that bad. My first ride was Acrophobia and it was a walk on. Next, we headed to Goliath and the line was at the bottom of the steps. We probably waited 15 minutes or so.


Leaving Big G, we headed down to Gotham City to get a front seat ride on BTR. This is where things took a turn for the worse. The line was in the tunnel but it was moving rapidly. Thats until we got in the station. I saw a train come in, and almost immediately, a female started up-chucking her dinner. Being a former employee, I already knew what was about to happen. They cycled 2 empty trains and proceeded to clean up the mess. It took them about 30 minutes before they were back in operation. Needless to say, BTR in the front row at night is an experience unlike no other so I still enjoyed my ride.


Leaving Batman, I got talked into riding the Carnival Loop unfortunately known as the Joker. It was ok I guess but I definitely wont be waiting in line for it again.


At this point it was a little after 10 and with the park closing in less than an hour I wanted to wrap up my visit with a ride on SMUF. So we jogged our way through the heavy fog (they had the fog machines on CRUCIAL btw) and got in line. We were near the steps when they dispatched a train and the returning train got stuck in the flying position.


Sadly, this was sort of expexted (by me atleast). Having worked at the ride during fright fest, I knew just how fragile SMUF was. For some reason I dont think it likes the cold weather. I was the turntable (technical name for the moving track that directs the train to either station) move to the left and knew what would happen next. The Op made the infamous 'technical difficulty' announcement and I decided to cut my losses short and head for the front gate.


Overall, I actually enjoyed my FF visit. I wish I could've ridden more rides but I know they'll be there the next time I go.


The fog was so strong!

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