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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Heres some cool info I acquired from a friend today.


The B & M reps rode it yesterday night 12 am and said it was the smoothest coaster they have been on yet. But they want allow anyone else until its state appoved on the 27th.


It must be a really smooth ride if B&M says its the smoothest coaster yet. This ride is going to be something else.

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There was supposed to be a *cough* good video coming (not from me!) but it still hasnt been released by its owner.


I went with a few folks last night to try to watch it tes... nothing for 3 hours oh wellz we had fun, sorta. Definately some stories to remember

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Yeah, Douglas is a cheep ass. Haha, kidding buddy.


He and I were supposed to drive down to the park the last two days to get the video, but we didn't because I was low on gas... Doesn't really matter though, because according to a few people, it tested neither of those afternoons/nights.


Oh well, only two weeks until media day! Holy Jesus I am excited! Doug and I will be there in our evening attire, equipped with a boom mic and a nice video camera. Hola.


I may even take a (insert three letters) video....Or not....who knows. Ahem.

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Haha. I hope it wasn't me that you were referring to. I would love to see a video of day time testing, so hopefully you were talking about somebody else. I definitely want to go down there and see it test in the day, but chances are that won't happen. We always got media day in two weeks. I absolutely can't wait for that!

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Went to park today to see the ride testing and its looks amazing. The sound of it is a bit sad. What ever happening to the roaring B&Ms. I also attached a bunch of useless crap I captured while I was there. Coolest part of the trip was watching the B&M guys ride the train right before I left.




P.S. I compressed the video a whole lot.


Raw Footage.



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I went to SFoG for a couple hours today to take some new pictures of Goliath and while I was waiting to get in the park I saw Goliath test about three times. Goliath also tested once while I was in the park and I got a picture of it going over the bunny hopes. After seeing it test in-person for the first time, I'm even more excited about being able to ride it in less than two weeks!

















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Well, obviously with noise complaints being so wide spread around many parks in the US and especially in Europe (well, only a few) it seems that filling them with the sand is just the only safe way to prevent any future issues with sound.


That and this thing ventures out farther than most of the rides seem to so its no suprise.



Youll have to go to CP to hear the ear shattering noise if you want it (well, else where as well) Mantis is just the loudest B&M Ive ever heard. Ridiculous.



With people it should go a bit faster but not alot. I dont notice alot of deviation in speed and force on B&M rides especially because they are so much shorter and consistant than other steel types. I also just find less deviation on steel rides to begin with.


I find more of a difference in wooden than steel when it goes from empty to full. But still, looks AWESOME. I think Im going to go there this year. Its only 10 hours away but worth it.

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Two more weeks, just two more weeks! I cannot WAIT to ride this thing! It looks seriously amazing, but I dont know how it will compare to Raging Bull, as thats the only other B&M hyper Ive been on. Media day is just getting more tempting....


Colin C

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I'm even more excited about being able to ride it in less than two weeks!


WOW!! Thanks for the photos, I havn't been able to get down to the park since it opened. I'll be able to go for a few hours next weekend. Its great to see all the pictures and videos that you've posted.


I'm super excited myself to get to ride it, question is will it trump my number one (Apollo's Chariot) ?????? Can't wait for media day!!!!!!!!!

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