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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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^ That could have been done in private messaging


read everything above! they are trying to keep guests safe from loose articles....they might come off later?


I doubt they will come down. If they do, they would have to build something else to protect guests.

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I just got back from SFoG, its nice to be able to go into the park again instead of just driving by! The bunny hopes look even better from inside the park and they make the Georgia Scorcher look small! I can truly say that the pictures of Goliath don't even compare to seeing this Giant in-person!


I can't wait to ride Goliath when it opens!!!




















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did anyone catch the four trains in the one animated picture of Goliath in the gift shop?


Hhahahaa after you pointed it out I noticed it. It looks like someone was dispatch happy and was letting the trains go one after the other!! That train in the helix is pretty much on that other trains butt thats in the helix!!

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Man I cannot wait till April 1st! Although Im going opening day, I really want to go on media day as well, is there any way besides sighning up for spring fling that I could get invited to media day? Im thinking about calling SFOG and pleading my case, and maybe they will let me get in on media day.


Colin C

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Media Day is almost here!!! This might be the best B&M hyper coaster yet!! How steep is the first drop?? I remember reading somewhere that the first drop is 45 degrees. I think I read that on Parktrips.com. I wonder how much G's the helix and horseshoe will pull. Isn't this the first time that there is a horseshoe turn on a sit-down coaster? Also ,can someone PLEASE post a picture of Goliath from the interstate right when you see the rides? I have always wondered how much the skyline changed with the Gasp gone .

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