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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I think the name is awful (and very Cedar Fair-ish) but the DC comics thing is really tired imo. I think the theming of this ride is perfectly fine.

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We need a flash themed launch coaster, that's exactly what SFoGA needs, why is it that Six Flags isn't using the Flash IP?

The Musik Express at Magic Mountain is themed to The Flash, and the nearby Round Up is themed to Wonder Woman.

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Honestly, they should've waited for Ninja's refurb to be done so they could launch it with the New Revolution name and VR experience simultaneously. It's right next to the Great American Scream Machine, anyway. That would've been a cohesive themed area for the park and a capacity win for the VR. Or is that just me?

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^I think many people agree that this entire concept would've made more sense.


VR definitely is fun on DDD but the capacity is just too awful. They need to stop.


Honestly all VR could stop and I would be ok with it. It's fun, but its going to be so lame at SFNE when I visit and want to re-ride Superman frequently. I'm so glad Over Georgia didn't put it on Goliath or Mind Bender.

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Two weekends ago they where having a lot of issues with Thunder River.. The rafts where jamming up and not pulling into the station.. it was like this for several hours, wonder if that was happening again


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Did we really need a second coaster with a fighter jet theme?


Anyways, I was at the park Sunday and the ride looks good but hopefully they do at least a decent half A$$ job with theme because as of right now, the Ninja statues were better than anything I anticipate going in their place.


Still can't wait to ride whenever I head back to the park.

Blue hawk statues?


Or maybe they'll just paint the Ninja statues blue.



Are there any other coasters in the US besides Carolina Cobra that have the new Vekoma trains that Blue Ninja got?

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Did anyone here attend the grand opening of Ninja (sorry I just can't use the new name) today at noon?




I wish I was there but being an adult and having to work ruins everything. I am curious how it is riding.

We just got off Blue Hawk a few minutes ago. It's definitely a MUCH better ride now. The new Vekoma trains with the vest restraints were pretty comfortable. There's still some shakiness here and there, but it's nothing to worry about. I'm sure others will have different opinions, but I find it a more enjoyable ride now.

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