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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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This is my first year for a season pass, and one of the benefits is free "bring a friend" days. Does anyone know where I can find out about which days are available? Thank you.

Also, if you have a smartphone you can download the Six Flags app. From there you can take a photo of your pass, which will put your info into the app, and the app can show you when the BAF days are.

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DDD has been down every morning I have gone all season. Sadly if you want to avoid the 3-6 hour lines you have to get there first and sit through the hour of downtime that seems to occur every single day (which is not a good way to start off on a ride that has an hourly capacity of 60 people).


Was Mind Bender running 2 trains for you? I was there the night before your visit and I was shocked to see 2 train ops but it went down to 1 after just an hour. Really odd.


Glad the rest of your visit was enjoyable! Like I said, can't wait to hear more and see the trip report.


Yes! Both trains all day. Well, any time we rode it, it was running both. Such a great ride, both in front and back. Totally different rides. So smooth but so old school and forceful and a beautiful setting and just fun. Wish I rode it more. I remember you all saying this (and Batman) were both doing one train each so far and was really stoked when we showed up and they were running two. That said, they were only running 3 on DDD and we got friendly with an crew member while waiting who was just as over it as us, and complained to us that even tho it was those 3 six-seater trains that 22 people had been assigned to work the ride that day! And there were. Like millions of SF ops running around doing nothing. And they were sooooo slow. Six Flags southern style I learned haha. (This wasn't an issue since I got Platinum flash pass and didn't really wait for anything at all but operations, and actually everything in Georgia is slooooooooooooooow lol) And the ride kept going down. Seemed like problems with the trains advancing in the station. They'd wait for maintenance which would take forever, dude would push some buttons, and they'd be good. Not like Great Adv style where they start banging on sh!t with mallets.


I just got back into town late last night. Had a great time but so good to be back in the city. I have a had a couple days to chill out in Athens and collect my thoughts on the park but I have to go to work now and I took like 500 photos between the park and Athens I have to sort through. Give me a couple days, tho if its dead at work today I can get a good chunk of it done.

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Give me a couple days, tho if its dead at work today I can get a good chunk of it done.



"Work, work, work, work, work! All I do is....work, work, work, work, work!" My gut says they'll be posted by the end of the day! Glad you had a good trip.....welcome back! And look to take advantage of SFGA being open during the day next week- should be epic walk on coaster time!

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Looks like it's between Blue Hawk, American Eagle, and Air Commander according to their YouTube channel.


Honestly, Blue Hawk sounds like something Cedar Fair would try to market for a smaller park, Air Commander would work better as a rename and retheme of Superman, and American Eagle just doesn't sound right when you already have GASM next to the ride.

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I see SFOG got together with BGW and decided giving the public three horrible names to pick was fun. American Eagle? Blue Hawk? Air Commander? I realize American Eagle is already a name SF already has in another park...But still, I hate them all.

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Why couldn't Six Flags Over Georgia rename Ninja as "Blue Ninja" instead of having people vote on the new name of the coaster?


If I had choice of between the three "finalists" in Ninja's renaming, I'd chose "American Eagle" since "Blue Hawk" sound too Cedar Fairy and "Air Commander" is way to generic.

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So disappointed we didn't get a Boldikus 420 trip report. That would have been the most deep, well written, make all my trip reports look like ass trip report ever.




"I awoke to the sight of the sun gleaming off of bright orange steel. The contrast of the Georgia sunrise and the glistening track was a memory of never forget, I knew it would be a great day".


(Like 50 incredible pictures)




"Went to SFNE ride ops sucked, operations suck, skyway towers suck, #teampanda, Wicked Cyclone was good... here's one picture I took of the Sky Screamer that I didn't even ride The end. trip report>

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