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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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^Sundays aren't too crowded this early in the year. Try to arrive before opening, since Sunday mornings are comparatively dead and you should have time to get in a lot of rides before noon. If you haven't been here before and you're trying to make sure you hit all of the credits, I'd head straight to Superman. It often has the longest lines and agonizingly slow loading procedures. Then you'll already be at the back of the park, and can hit Scream Machine and Ninja with no wait. You shouldn't have a problem riding all of the coasters at least once.


Agreed. Sundays in March, April, early May, and September and October are almost always when I visit. The only exception are the two weeks that straddle spring break week, which can be easily determined by looking at the calendar and seeing the only week the park is open outside of weekends before the summer season.


I, too, recommend getting there at opening and heading straight to Superman. You'll have the opportunity for at least couple of walk-on rides, and Superman probably has the slowest operations of the park, leading to very long waits later on. Then you can hit Scream Machine and Ninja as suggested above (Ninja is always optional for me as it's always a fairly uncomfortable ride, but it rarely has a line). From there, hit Sky Screamer, as that generates a long wait even on a slow day, if you like those sorts of rides.


After that, you have a few options. I usually wait til after lunch to head to Goliath, which by that point should have, at most, a 15-20 minute wait. I tend to head to Dahlonega Mine Train to get that credit, then head to ride Acrophobia, and then to Gotham and ride Mindbender and Batman. Batman typically does not get terribly crowded on slow days at the park. At that point, get lunch, then start hitting the rest of the rides. The alternative is to head to Gotham first then back to Dahlonega and Acrophobia later. Georgia Cyclone typically doesn't have more than a 2-3 train wait in the afternoon, nor should Georgia Scorcher (but scorcher suffers from usually terrible and slow operations). And like I said, Goliath typically does not have a long wait thanks to decent operations and capacity after lunch. Basically, if the line extends down the stairs from the station through the first set of 4-5 switchbacks, that ends up being about a 15 minute wait with 2 or 3 train operation.


Your main long wait is likely going to be Dare Devil Dive, which will run 45-60 minutes. Also, Monster Plantation is a really good dark ride but will typically have a 20-25 minute wait. It's always a must-do for me though.


Hope this helps.

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I was also at the park on Saturday and while there were some down checks, overall I thought the park handled things pretty well. As Krandor mentioned, the new season pass processing was in place and functional, however my experience was a bit more positive. I arrived about 15 minutes before park opening and received a flyer at the parking booth that directed me to head straight to the gate for season pass processing. Additionally, when I entered there were signs out front confirming that season pass processing would occur at the gate. As Krandor mentioned, you scan your voucher, scan your fingerprint, and get your card at the gate. The process worked flawlessly for me. At the end of the day I added my season parking to my pass at the processing center and that worked without issue for me.


As has already been mentioned, lines were pretty short early in the day so I was able to hit several rides very quickly. Everything was two train operation for most or all of the day except Ninja and Mindbender. Later in the day Batman went to single train operation as I believe they had some trouble with train 1. Georgia Scorcher and Dare Devil Dive both opened late and suffered intermittent downtime for parts of the morning and early afternoon.


As some other quick notes:

-DDD in particular went down twice just while I was in line. One of those times appeared to be the result of a patron who tried to pull down on her restraint before it hydraulically lowered. This presumably caused an error and stopped the ride... for the next 15 minutes while it was reset by mechanics and cycled. Gotta love the GP. Additionally, at about 1:30 I was in line for DDD and asked the attendant how many people had ridden for the day as she had a counter in her hand. At that point the count was only 1149, which I find to be pretty disappointing some 3 1/2 hours after park opening.


-Georgia Cyclone was definitely smoother than last season, but only marginally so. The turnarounds following the initial turnaround are still pretty jarring compared to the drops, but the drops are fairly smooth and enjoyable. Sitting in the back seat, the ride really does have several surprisingly good pops of airtime. I’m fairly lenient when it comes to roughness on woodies, but for me personally, Georgia Cyclone has finally crossed into possibly re-ridable territory.


-Goliath received new foam for its restraints during the off season. The signs of B&M rattle that I experienced last season on the first and second drops appear to have been fully addressed in the off season, as you would expect. Also, there were some issues releasing the restraints after some rides. I saw several instances where attendants had to manually release the restraints for a car or two. Not sure if that was operator error or just freshly tightened and rebuilt parts, but it slowed otherwise great operations down a bit. I happened to catch the last train of the day on Goliath and I must say that a night ride in the front seat on Goliath remains one of my favorite coaster experiences.


-GASM received a fairly significant amount of new wood over the off season, and I’m pleased to report that you can definitely feel the difference. It was running better than it has in the past several years IMO. I really enjoyed my ride. Additionally, I noted that GASMs trains received new foam padding on the seats and lab bars. They also appeared to be freshly painted.


Overall it was a great day at the park, and the I thought the park handled the crowds pretty well. My only minor complaint is that Mindbender was single train all day. Not bad for my first opening day though. I look forward to getting back this summer.

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^lol probably. they close rides when it's barely sprinkling outside so they will probably do the same with wind.


I was at the park yesterday (Sunday, 3/30) and all rides were open.


I recommend everyone get on Georgia Cyclone if you've been avoiding it in years past due to the discomfort of riding. It's running better this season than ever. It's not longer a defensive ride for me, even in the back seat. The first two drops and first turnaround are still smooth as glass with the RMC Topper Track, and it seems like they keep adding new wood. The fourth drop is actually enjoyable now, and there are only a few spots with some mild jackhammering at the bottom of a couple drops. I rode in the front seat of the back car, so it's possible that made a difference too (it has in the past).


The park was fairly busy. One of the area school districts started spring break this week, and there was also a large cheerleading competition going on. The front gate was a bit of a mess at opening, with several hundred people lined up trying to get in. It took us over 20 minutes to get through the gate. I suspect a lot of that was due to the cheerleading competition, as I overheard someone saying it started at 11 (park opening was 10:30).. so I'm guessing there was a big rush of people trying to get in all at once. The new finger scanning probably slowed things down a bit too. Once inside, waits for the rides (Goliath, Batman, Superman) were all in the 30-45 minute range by mid-afternoon. Cyclone, GASM, and Mindbender were 10-15 minutes, DDD looked to be about an hour. Scorcher's line didn't look bad either mid-afternoon, maybe 15-20 minutes.


Most of the ride crews were doing a really good job, especially Goliath. The two lapbar checkers were really moving quickly, and stacking was rare with two-train operation. All of the rides had two trains on them. Someone else I believe noted that a lot the rides have new restraints on them.


For anyone with season passes, just FYI you no longer get physical coupons. You can see all the bring-a-friend discount days online, and then you just show your pass at a ticket window and let them know you're buying a discounted friend's ticket. Same for food and merchandise discounts - you just show your pass (I was surprised and pleased to find out about a buy one get one free deal on meal baskets).


Overall, a good day at the park.

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After this week, the park resumes weekend only operation until Memorial Day Weekend.


I'm heading to the park this weekend. Theoretically, I should be fine with people coming back and leaving. I'll see if I can get an update on Hurricane Harbor.

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I went to the park today for my first trip there. I was pretty happy with my trip there, I think it's a very nice looking park, and much bigger than I thought it would be.


The longest line all day was the line to get into the park...it took 45 minutes to enter! I figured I would try to ride everything once and call it a day but lines were pretty short. I hit DDD first and it was about a 40 minute wait. Really liked it, it was only my 2nd Gerstlauer but I am a big fan of theirs so far! DDD was my 2nd favorite ride there today and rode it twice.


I went to Mindbender next, it was only a 20 minute wait. This was a really pleasant surprise, the loops had some great force and it was just a lot of fun to ride. 4th favorite ride today.


Batman broke down as soon as I got in line so I headed off to Goliath. The wait was only 15 minutes at most. I rode in the back which gave me a lot of great air time (I'm pretty light so I float easy). The Helix gave me some forces I wasn't expecting which was nice! 3rd favorite ride today and rode it 3 times.


I got lost trying to find Superman and ended up on the Mine Train, it was a walk-on. It was decent, not bad, not great. 10th favorite ride.


I found Superman, only a 20 minute wait. I really to prefer the B&M flyer to Vekoma, Vekoma just hurts and I hate every single minute of it. This was my first Superman clone and was much better than I thought, and a lot more comfortable. 5th favorite ride of the day.


GASM was next and it was pretty smooth for the most part. It really is a pretty ride and I like looking at it over the water. Not as pretty as Mean Streak but a much better ride! 7th favorite ride of the day.


I heard all the horror stories about Ninja so I prepared for the worst. It was a walk-on but I didn't think it was all that bad. I rode in the front and tried to brace myself for the headbanging, it worked for a little but the corkscrews always get me. 9th favorite ride of the day.


I went back to Batman and walked on to it 3 times in a row. This was my first Batman clone and boy did I love every second of it! The intensity just keeps getting better as the ride goes on. Loved it and by far my favorite ride of the day as well as a challenging Raptor for my favorite invert. Rode Batman 4 times.


I hit Georgia Cyclone next and it was rough! I really liked the layout but it was a little too rough for me. 8th favorite today.


Georgia Scorcher is by far the best stand-up I've been on (only other two are Mantis and Vortex at Carowinds). I usually don't like stand-ups but I really enjoyed the Scorcher. 6th favorite ride today.


Overall it was a pretty good experience for my first visit to SFOG and first Six Flags park. Other than the wait to get in to the park and some operators taking time to gossip rather than dispatch trains I really enjoyed it.

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^Glad to hear you enjoyed the park! It is definitely one of the best parks in the chain. Of course, I grew up going there, so it will always be special to me. If you didn't catch Monster Mansion on your visit, make sure you hit it next time! It is the park's true hidden gem: one of the quirkiest dark rides around!

I have a feeling the long wait to get in the park was partly because of the new season pass system being a finger-print scanner and all.

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I'm finally home.


*Slide pieces waiting for construction in parking lot

*Lines are terrible

*More annoying basketballs

*All coasters open

*Still have not ridden any coasters

*Why run water rides? It's not that hot and humid.

*Lots of school groups mean short lines after 3

*Many people with pants around their ankles

*Topper track? Yes, please!

*Ninja as first coaster of day. God, help me!

*Ninja was being kind today. A little burnt and bruised, but fine otherwise.

*GASM next. Time to see how great it rides with new track

*I didn't feel much of a difference on GASM, but I did feel airtime

*Just waited an hour for DDD due to long wait and break down

*Pretty good coaster. Nothing really to write home about

*Last ride of the day was GA Cyclone in far back seat. Holy airtime, Batman!

*Only four coasters today, but did get the two missing credits I needed.


Stay tuned for more final analysis later.


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What kind of crowd should I expect this Sunday, and what kind of route should I try to take? I expect to get there around opening, and I've got basically the entire day. I've already gotten all the credits here (even Ninja ), I'm just looking for the optimal route to hit rides in.

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What kind of crowd should I expect this Sunday, and what kind of route should I try to take? I expect to get there around opening, and I've got basically the entire day. I've already gotten all the credits here (even Ninja ), I'm just looking for the optimal route to hit rides in.

You're in the Bible Belt meaning that crowds will be minimal. You should be good at getting all what you want done. I'll also be there on Sunday, but I'll get in early because of the Gold Pass.

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