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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I for one am not too upset by this announcement. If six flags invests a lot of money into sfog and it pays off for them, then they will be more likely to invest more in the future, so a new coaster may not be too far off. But not every year has to be the addition of a new coaster, the park already has good coasters( although I want one with an mcbr). I for one will enjoy hurricane harbor and cooling off during the georgia heat.

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Speaking of old Six Flags pictures, where is this in the layout of Dahlonega Mine Train? I've always seen that turning drop in old photos of the ride, but no matter how many times I ride it, it doesn't exist.


This is actually the original first drop after the first lift. It was re profiled many years ago. What's throwing you off is the lift hill in the background which belonged to another coaster called the Mini Mine Train(Yahoola Hooler) which was removed in 1988.

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We're a bit bummed about Hurricane Harbor. It will be nice, but they already have their nearby water park and have recently upgraded that, so the recent move announcements for 2014 do not make complete sense. We have heard that the park's rides are height-restricted due to the nearby local airport, so we doubt there will be a huge giga coming our way anytime soon. Carowinds looks to take the lead in the SE. As for SFOG, Goliath remains our overwhelming favorite coaster at the park. Hopefully, more coasters will be coming in the near future; until then, we will be hanging out at the wave pool!

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I was at the park this weekend for fright fest and season pass holder day. I was there Friday, Saturday, and part of the day Sunday. (Due to the drive I always stay at the Motel 8 down the street haha so I spend the entire weekend usually)


It looks like they have already started on what appears to possibly be the wave pool.


On a side note, fright fest was great this year! If you can go, try and make a trip! I really like how instead of paying for each haunted house now, you just purchase a $20 wristband. Last time I attended fright fest it was like $10/house!!!! They had 4 paid houses this year plus the haunted train which is also paid so it was worth it imo. They where all like 5 or 10 minutes of fun!


Park was very crowded both nights! Saturday I had to purchase a flash pass just to ride some of the coasters in the dark! Friday I was only able to get scorcher and scream machine because the lines where so long! Saturday I was able to get superman, Goliath, cyclone (Had no wait Sat, like an hr on Friday. go figure haha), Mind Bender and that was it for night rides


Mind Bender and Goliath where the best in the dark. Mind Bender has almost 0 lights on it all together, Goliath was also pretty dark. The rest are very very lit up


While I waited on my turn using the flash pass I hit up the haunted houses and trails!!!


I recommend the flash pass if you want to hit up the haunted stuff and ride coasters in the dark. I found out Friday, that was the only way to do it so Saturday I got one. Normally I never buy flash pass


Edit: one last tip for fright fest. Do the DR Fright haunted house during the day. It is all inside so no need to wait until dark. Line is shorter PLUS it frees up time to ride coasters at night. Also, Kill Island is lit at night (Skull Island Haunted Maze) so you can do it at dusk and not notice a difference.

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I was there from opening - 3:30 this Sunday and until about 2 most coasters where a walk-on or less than 15 min wait. Around 3:00 the park was picking up steam with waits of 30+ mins on most coasters (Minus Cyclone & Scream Machine still walk-on) and a little longer on the big ones (Over an hour for Dare Devil Dive, 45 Minutes or so for Goliath and same for Superman). Remember, it was a very pretty weekend and this weekend was also the opening for the haunt.


IMO I would say you will not need a flash pass for Sunday just catch the big ones early and if you can get there before 3 you will enjoy hardly any waits! This has always been my experience at SFOG


When I travel to six flags I always use Sunday as my day to catch as many coasters as possible then leave when it gets crowded. I love late summer when the park opens before noon on Sunday! Last time, I rode Dare Devil Dive several times without even getting off! Lots and Lots of people in the area wait and come after church i guess because they are never busy until 2 or 3 on Sundays! I do not know what happened after 3:30 but the park, like I said, was picking up guest left and right when I left at that time. Line of people coming in

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