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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I really hope we will get some type of new roller coaster. But as I stated before, there has been absolutely no speculation on a roller coaster at all...


im really hoping that they get a b&m wing coaster thats something sfog really needs


Between Whistlestop Park, the Picnic Pavilions, and Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, the park already has a plentiful bounty of attractions to satisfy the same audience a Wing Coaster would target.


; - )



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Of course! We're going to pull a Canada's Wonderland and get a larger version of Goliath! (sarcasm heavy)


In actuality, it's probably more like we could see another large capital investment just like Goliath was back in 2006. What it is exactly, who knows. Either way, we'll know tomorrow.

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this is enough space for a normal size coaster


I am going to go ahead and guess they are putting some sort of water park there to go along with the play structure that already exists!

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main_ATLHurricaneHarbor.jpg.ef280b5258cb12e34ff0a165eb768bb9.jpgIt’s official. Coming in 2014, Six Flags Over Georgia will introduce a brand new multi-million dollar expansion and add a new in-park water park. This new area, known as Hurricane Harbor, is the largest expansion in the park’s 46-year history, and will feature several water attractions and guest amenities, including thrill slides and relaxing family fun. By adding an all-new water park, Six Flags Over Georgia will transport guests to a tropical paradise, full of wave pools, slippery slides, interactive playgrounds, and fun in the sun.


Sprawling across the landscape formerly occupied by Southern Star Amphitheater, the new water park will be themed around and invoke a remote Caribbean getaway. Lush tropical landscaping, beach scenery, and retail and dining locations will all provide the wonderful feeling of a warm beach paradise.


Hurricane Harbor encourages you to soak up the sun and cool off during the summer. The staple of the park will be Hurricane Bay, a 38,000-square-foot wave pool that simulates the feeling of ocean surf with a state-of-the-art wave system that produces waves up to four feet high. The park will also feature Tsunami Surge, a dual-slide complex that drops riders down an enclosed five-story drop and whirls them around a 40-foot-wide bowl, followed by a zero-gravity plunge out the bottom. Another multi-slide complex, Bonzai Pipelines, challenges bold adventurers to soar through winding curves, dark tunnels, and swirling bowls. Paradise Island will be a children’s activity area of the water park, with an interactive water playground featuring miniature slides, drenching towers, and hundreds of interactive water elements.


Admission to the water park will be free with general park admission or a Season Passes so you can enjoy two great destinations for one price. The all-new Hurricane Harbor will complement the neighboring water park, White Water, and will be located near The Great American Scream Machine.


Hurricane Harbor is set to debut just in time for summer 2014. Are you ready to soak up the sun at this all-new water expansion?

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As much as I love coasters, I find the construction of new water parks to be exciting, too.


I'm curious, though, why SF wants to have two water parks just down the road from one another. How will they avoid cannibalization? I assume they'll try to differentiate the parks in some way, but I wasn't able to discern any specifics in the announcement.

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This excites me and also worries me, I want White Water to stay but I also want this to happen. Although if they relocate White Water's slides over here than I would be okay with it. But this doesn't nessacerily mean that White Water is closing. Besides, they arn't making any more money out of it if they close White Water.

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This is great. I'm sure it will be very popular, and on hot days it could help shorten the lines on the coasters.

As for White Water, Metro Atlanta has 6,000,000 people, and Six Flags also draws people from nearby areas of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. There really is no close competition. Two water parks is no problem.

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