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Bizarro Bash at Six Flags New England!

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Bizarro Bash has SOLD OUT!


Club TPR Members will have an extended period of time to purchase a limited amount of tickets. Ticket sales will end for Club TPR Members on Thursday, July 14th.


Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to this event!


Tickets are still available for:

East Coast Bash - Hersheypark - August 7th: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=143


Deep South Bash- Six Flags Over Gerogia - September 17th - http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=142



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Great too see the event sold well and I really cant wait for my first TPR event!! I know it passed the deadline and prolly no spots left, but if anyone cant make it for any reason and a spot opens up or something, one of my friends is really interested and wouldnt mind taking the spot off your hands

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In case you didn't get a chance to make it to Bizarro Bash, I'll give you a two word review- "Effing Awesome" . From the morning ERT on Bizarro (with thankfully no music on the trains) to the incredible lunch (more food than in an ACE'r's refrigerator and more beer than even TPR's most famous drinkers could finish) ,it was great. TPR quest was amazing as usual and there may even be some photos from that event that aren't even TPR appropriate...Thanks to SFNE's park president (Jason Freeman) for a great q&a. TPR asked a lot of good questions and my hat's off to everything SFNE did to help people affected by the tornadoes... So how do you top all that? Finishing off the night with a "water challenge" on SFNE's newest coaster.



Good Times. Thanks TPR and SFNE for putting on a great event.



Chris "sad he has to go to work tomorrow" Connolly

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Big thanks have to go out to the folks at TPR and SFNE that pulled off an amazing event. It exceeded all my expectations. The ERT was amazing (especially the water challenge -- I managed on my last run to keep most of the water in my cup, only to have the lapbar pop up in the station and knock the cup right out of the car). I can't wait to see everyone's pictures!

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Hats off to both Theme Park Review and Six Flags New England for organizing a great event. As expected, ERT was incredible as I got 6 laps on Batman in the morning along with 1 ride on both Bizarro and the Gotham City Gauntlet in the morning. Then at night I got 5 laps on Bizarro and tried the water challenge once (I did well until the 2nd drop). Then there was the rare waterpark ERT. Also, lunch, TPR Quest, and the photo walkback tour were amazing as well.


With Six Flags New England so close to my home, I visit there regularly and I can honestly say that was the best visit I've ever had at the park.

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I am glad that this was my first official TPR event, it was amazing. I practically couldn't stop smiling the whole day ...except maybe on Mind Eraser and Flashback. Morning ERT was a blast some quality time with some quality coasters. Lunch was good even if I didn't partake in the beer and TPR Quest was hilarious.


I now know I am pretty terrible at keeping water in a cup on a coaster. I only contributed a trickle to my team total.


However, at least, the lap bar didn't knock the cup out of my hands like some people on my team.


TPR and SFNE really worked together to pull off a fabulous event. Thank you All!!!!


Ohhhh and my parents had fun too. They both love roller coasters and would have disowned me if I didn't. This event was my treat to them as well.

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Bizarro Bash was crazy awesome! I've been going to SFNE since I was born and Bizarro Bash takes the cake as the most fun I've ever had at a visit. TPR Quest was so insane, so much fun. Winning a prize hardly mattered, I had such a huge smile on my face even when I couldn't find the items. I have so many people I'd like to genuinely thank for their efforts:


Skycoastin' Steve: Are you superhuman? That beer was GONE! Thanks for your...sacrifice?


TPDave: Thank you for putting your reputation (go ahead laugh, this guy's a trooper) on the line and flashing the audience.


Vixie Reynard: Thanks for the bra


I didn't catch the names of everybody else, but you know who you are. I'd especially like to thank who donated more items to me than everyone else.


I'll be posting a full report later, but this was such a fantastic day.

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My team on the water challenge came up empty and quit after the first round... -_____- Otherwise it was a great time had by all - this was my first coaster club event!


Here is an album of some photos I took of the walkback tour along with a group photo of us participants from SFNE Online:


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Thanks to Robb, Elissa and Six Flags New England for planning and having Bizarro Bash! This was my first TPR event and I had a great time doing all the events during the day! I go to this park all the time and this was one of the best days I had at the park. Can't wait to do another one! Have a great time on the rest of the East Coast trip!!

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