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^I hope it does not have to end at year 6. I went a few months over, and did not save my data frequently enough to go back.


Edit: Although I cannot really go back, I would prefer to be able to work for another couple years. I am not really sure if that is OK.

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You can play the scenario many times over- that is, if you don't like it the first time, do it again.


The reason that C.P.M. Selected March, Year 6 is simple: It puts all entries on the same level- so there is a reasonable judging point for the contest.


I hope this clarifies up things.



Games Forum Moderating Team

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I've been told there have been 26 people who have downloaded Vintage Gardens... so I'm going to throw out another carrot.




For the person who's park best meets what a good Crazy Park Manager's park should LOOK Like, I'll give out a TPR Bag of Crap as well- Remember, this is one that impresses me most of all!


I'd really like to see what some of our Park Managers are working on right now- as I think there's going to be a lot of fun in seeing what people are doing!



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Actually: C.P.M. added on the prize to encourage more people to particpate- and I've just counted the downloads... There are currently 27 individual downloads of the TPR challenge. In order for a third prize to be added, the count would have to be over 50 ENTRIES, not downloads!


Tell your friends, tell your family- encourage people to play!



Games Forum Management Team

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Alright guys, I have finished my awesome Vintage Acres to help ensure Teh Big Dipper would operate for generations to come! Let's take a very quick tour of the park, but you really should just download the park by pressing the huge Download button at the top of this post!


P.S. This is the first time I'm every doing any challenge / first time uploading something to the exchange. Please let me know if I did it right! Thanks in advance


2,000 people? Check

600 Park Rating? Check

Loan Paid Back? Check

Awesome Park? Check


Here's an overview of Vintage Acres... The paths in the park are in a square, so no peeps will get confused on where to go. There's also a lot of room to expand for future developers. (That's for anyone that downloads the park and wants to work on it for awhile!)


This is Vitegobanan, my Schwarzkopf looper. It's definitely a park favorite, because even with a 2,500 person capacity, a line somehow manages to form! It operates with 4 trains and light stacking, I'm impressed!


This is Fortress, my Schwarzkopf Jet Star... It's heavily wooded and is a family favorite.


Last, but not least, is my Arrow corkscrew / looper, Sky Loop. Another high capacity thrill ride that is very popular among the park guests, definitely something to check out.

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^Nice park! You definitely used your space well. Mine is crammed (except for the one forest area), mainly because I build compactly despite land ownage so I can expand in the future! I guess I didn't expand enough before the scenario was complete, but downloaders of my park can finish it for me if they like!



I wish I had built stations though...I completely skipped over the small block selection! I just jumped to conclusions with "well, not much scenery at all here!" and didn't build anything. I wish I did.

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My entry:




Overview and Mammoth's layout (the big wooden coaster):



SuperSonic, a compact quad-looping Schwarzkopf:



Slippery Dips, a water-adjacent side friction coaster (had 8 casualties during testing, and a few near misses... all better now):



Little Dipper (kiddie wooden coaster) and Flying Turns (flying turns type coaster... unfortunately with single cars - maybe it's Intamin's attempt?):


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Here is my entry in Teh Big Dipper Challenge! I payed off the loan and have over 2,000 guests!!


Here are the pics!



I win!



My guests love Mr. Dipper I mean Teh Big Dipper



Even with the crazy ride "Laser Snake Horse On Fire!!" "Teh Big Dipper" still rules the park skyline!


For the download and photos click: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2210


Thanks for Viewing!

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I am QUITE impressed! Seven people have entered the challenge- and it's only one week in!


Let's see how many people will fare the challenge. A few reminders to everyone:


100 Points just for posting your park in March year SIX


There are TWO TPR Bags of Crap on the line: ONE bag of Crap with a set of Teh Big Dipper coasters in it for the 'General Vote' Winner- and ONE TPR Bag of Crap from ME for the park that's best suited to fit the objectives I laid out in the beginning.


Keep up the good work- and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the entries coming in!



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