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Photo TR: Wedding Preparations

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So I spent the majority of today setting up for my wedding reception tomorrow. For those who are into that thing, take a look. For those who aren't... hey, it's new content!


Mostly, I just need to do something enjoyable for a few minutes to clear my head. So this is it. Enjoy!


Kelly's best friend/maid of honor and her daughter arrived last night. They hadn't been in the apartment for 10 seconds (literally)when the dress preparations began.


Flower girls! Actually, Lauryn is giving Kelly away at the altar (or whatever you call the "altar" when you get married at a park pavillion). Too bad she has "Terminator" eye in this photo.


This is where the action took place today.


We did this wedding on the cheap, but still wanted to it look halfway decent. Overall, the endeavor should cost us about $3,000, with over half of that being devoted to food and drink. We rented the hall for $300, but we're in charge of setting up, taking down, cleaning up, etc. This was the first of a dozen tables we set up today. Kelly got 20 satin tablecloths on eBay for $60. That would have paid for six of them, minus delivery fee, if we had rented them as we originally intended.


When you're trying to decorate your own reception on a budget, post-holiday sales are your friend! These candles cost 25 cents each at Michaels in January.


This is what the finished tables looked like. The centerpieces are made from Pringles cans, some Michaels ribbon Kelly found for about $2 a roll on clearance (each roll covered two cans), some floral accents she found at Michaels for between 5 and 15 cents each and some rocks from her parents' driveway in the bottom so they aren't top-heavy. The Hershey's kisses were 50 cents a bag on sale after Valentine's Day. The table numbers, which we printed ourselves, came out to about 25 cents each plus $1 for the holder.


The napkins and plastic wine glasses are from Walmart. The silverware was 25 cents a piece at Roses, and Kelly's mom wrapped each set for us. The flower pots, which we're using to chill the white wine on each table, were 50 cents each on clearance at Walmart, and the envelopes for the favors ($1 lottery scratch-off tickets) were $2 for 100, on clearance at Michaels.


Total per table: just under $20.


Though I'm not 100 percent in favor of having kids at the wedding, I've been overruled, so this is the kids' table. The Disney coloring kits were 25 cents each on clearance at Walmart. the other coloring kits were 50 cents each from Oriental Trading Company. The rest of the favors on this table were on sale at Happy Harry's (a local pharmacy chain) for 15 to 25 cents each after Easter. Grand total about $16.


This is the reception/gift table. The placecard holders were on sale for 25 cents each through Oriental Trading. Kelly won the guest book on eBay, along with our cake serving set, for $4. We found the mailbox in the closet of the hall and added some leftover Michaels ribbon. I wasn't a big fan of the mints, but Kelly got them from Oriental Trading for $8. The bowl was $1 at Dollar Tree. Total cost: $24.


We're having a catered buffet, but we also want to have snacks set out for later on in the evening. Dollar Tree is our friend! All the bowls, tongs, spoons, crackers and pretzels came from there. Kelly is making jalepeno cheese dip, and we got a big bag of M&Ms from Sam's Club for $9. My mom is donating two trays of homemade butter cookies, and Kelly's mom donated the plates. Total cost to us: about $40. The red things are beverage buckets, which we're going to use as part of our drink dispensing system. Kelly found them on sale at Walmart for $2 each.


Nuts always go over well in a TPR report! With coupons and a timely sale at Giant, we got 10 jars of these for $9.50.


Mexican Coke! Now it's a party!


Our local Harry and David closed a couple months ago, which sucked. But it also allowed us to get these bottles of sparkling cider for $2 each, so....


For the wine, Kelly went to our corner liquor store (it's actually called "The Corner Liquor Store") and told the guy she wanted 12 inexpensive red wines and 12 inexpensive whites, clerk's choice. We ended up with a lot of one-offs, which actually works for our purposes. We're picking up a half keg of Yuengling tomorrow.


Blow, Kelly, Blow! This is the other half of our beverage disbursement plan, an inflatable salad bar we're going to fill with ice and canned sodas. eBay price: $5.


And what better way to end this TR than with... boobs! Hopefully I'll survive tomorrow and eventually be able to post some photos of the results. Goodnight!

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Congrats on getting married! This reminds me a LOT of putting together my Brother's wedding early last year and scouring the stores for clearance candy (my Sister-in-law wanted to have a little candy buffet on top of having a wedding cake) and running around to all the stores to make or buy a lot of the decorations ourselves. Great job!

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Thanks, everyone! Well, it's official--I have a wife! (Or, in LOL Cat speak: It offishul. I can haz wive.) Obviously, I wasn't able to take quite as many photos at the event as I did before... but I promised an update, and here it is!


Saturday morning was flower time. Kelly made her own bouquet and one for her maid of honor. Lauryn was on hand to pick up the leftover petals for the flower girl basket.


This is what the beverage raft looked like once it was fully stocked.


We made sure to have signs out for the directionally challenged.


And then it was finally done! I found out two things later that evening:


1. The minister we were supposed to have called Kelly five hours before the ceremony to tell her she had been called in at her other job, so she wouldn't be there to officiate--sorry about our luck. Kelly's sister called in a friend who was a minister, but who also was recently hospitalized and told to remain on bed rest. He grudgingly came out and performed the ceremony.


2. The photographer was told to detain us outside before the reception because the maid of honor didn't want us to know the cake hadn't arrived yet. Apparently it was being set up even as we pulled into the parking lot of the reception hall.


This cake, however, arrived much earlier in the afternoon. As a surprise, Kelly got a friend of hers, who is aspiring to be the next Duff Goldman, to make me a roller coaster groom's cake. I don't really understand the purpose of the groom's cake, but it was really cool, nonetheless.


Take the (cake) tunnel!


This is what the real cake looked like. My friend Sylvia made it and did an awesome job, even if she did get lost on the way to the hall.


I can't say enough good things about Famous Dave's as our caterer. The food was great, and the staff was awesome. We had salad, beef brisket, grilled chicken, pork ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, jalepeno macaroni and cheese, corn muffins, iced tea and lemonade, all for about half of what the next least-expensive caterer cost. We provided the finger foods on the end, which seemed to go over really big with the guests.


Plate No. 1!


Lauryn had a crush on the best man, so we made sure to set them up with a dance together.


Last dance of the evening. And last photo in this TR. Coincidence? Yes.

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The purpose of the groom cake is to provide you with sometime that will make you happy that otherwise she wouldn't allow anywhere near her wedding.


Think of it as the last fun thing she'll ever do for you. Since your life is ending, you can also view it as a last meal.


But congratulations on your big day.

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on your wedding AND


a most excellently-done reception!


Gotta love eBay and those other deals

you got (for decorations and food/drink), lol.


Many, many happy years ahead for you, I wish.


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Thanks again, everyone!


^^Apparently most of the guests agreed. We bought two and a half cases of Pepsi products, a case of ginger ale and a case of Coke. After the reception, we brought home a case and a half of Pepsi products, half a case of ginger ale and absolutely no Coke whatsoever.

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... Saturday morning was flower time. Kelly made her own bouquet and one for her maid of honor. Lauryn was on hand to pick up the leftover petals for the flower girl basket.....



Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. It is so interesting to see how much work it is to set up everything for a wedding.

Most of all I like the picture on which Kelly makes her on bouquet. The flowers look so beautiful. I just love flowers and I am definitely of the opinion that flowers are an important part of each wedding. A few weeks ago I saw in London flowers I would love to have on my wedding day but unfortunately I forgot the name. Nevertheless I love the pink roses.

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