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Some news about RatTums....


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Dude... this sucks!!! I pop over here to see happiness and fun... and I find out the coolest rodent ever passed away!! I'm really sorry guys, I know how much ya'll loved him and how much he appreciated you too... you saved him and gave him a great little life. I'm sure he died a happy rodent!


I'm bummed that I'll never see him running around in his little car anymore!!! R.I.P. little dude!

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I decided to be different with my no... anyways, goodbye Rattums, one of the greatest rodents ever. And there were fun times with the Hamster Cam (remembers awhile back where the cam shown Robb in his undies when he posted that link in an old Westcoaster chat session )


Rattums was more than a rodent, Rattums was THE rodent.

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Man that sucks, the lil guy ruled, may TPR siggy's forever glorify his memory!


Also, will you be getting a Rattums Revenge? Surely if Six Flags keep naming coasters Batman you can keep naming hamsters Rattums Revenge I, II, III and so on?


Rattums for President of hamster heaven!

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Terribly sorry to hear about the loss of the little dude. He lived a great life, going from homeless rodent to every fanboy's dream, chilling with the Alvey's day and night. Spike and Lily will be waiting for him in Pet Heaven.


As a special tribute, Derek's Garden Hose Kingdom will be naming the new kid's playplace "RatTums's Resort".


One thing's for sure, he knew he was loved.

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Sorry to hear about Elissa's loss.


I had two rabbits and they both passed away within a year of each other. I've always thought about getting another rabbit at the animal shelter, but I think it is best to wait a little more before taking on another pet.

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Robb & Elissa,


Me and my family were all saddened by the news. We are very sorry.


We wish we had the words to comfort you in this hard time. We are all very glad we got to meet RatTums last May. It was so nice of you Elissa, to bring him down for us to see. My little brother was really looking forward to holding him again. He was such a great little hamster. He will never be forgotten.


Antonio and family

P.S. My little brother Giovanni says,"Hi Elissa. I'm sorry RatTums died. It's really sad. I'll make you a picture to cheer you up."


I just thought I'd tell you Elissa. That's what Giovanni wants to do.

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I had a hamster named Hammie once, I thought that was a clever name.. guess not .. anyways...


Sorry to hear about RatTums. Try to remember all the good times and happiness that he brought into your lives and you guys gave him the best life possible... he was probably the most popular hamster ever!



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Poor RatTums.


Is there such things as Rodent Heaven, where they all have giantic community of habitrails and other rodents so they may gleefully chew whatever they may?


Because if there is, wow, go RatTums.


May Rattums, who once was a vagrant, will never again be a nomadic hamster, all thanks to Robb and Elissa's wonderful caring and love for rodents. May RatTums go in peace.




It's all about the Rodent Love!

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