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Some news about RatTums....


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Well....we knew this day was coming.....


RatTums died today.


So everyone, please be extra nice to rodents for the next week, or the next year, or forever!


And please be extra nice to Elissa too....


Oct 2003 - Aug 2005


--Robb "He had the good life of palatial Habitrail estates and lots of Polly-O cheese." Alvey

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This is crushing news.


I didn't know RatTums personally but I am VERY sorry to hear about your buddy.


Edit -


I remember when my hamster died and I buried it in a little box. Then like.. Two days later flowers grew over it's grave.. No joke..

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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet hamster RatTums.


Since you already knew that RatTums was approaching the end of his life, I'm glad that Robb was at home, rather than traveling on business when he passed away. The loss of an animal is easier to deal with when a loved one is there to support you.


Don't run out and get another hamster (Many people make that mistake) accept your loss for now, and when the time is right you'll consider adding a new member to your family.

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wow - and i just got to know him for a bit, since connecting with your site. that sucks. hmmm. sorry to hear it, and know it now. hope you both do okay in the next while. take care of each other.

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