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Six Flags Adventure Resort [RCT2]

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I posted this on some different forums a while back but recently stopped. However, I have decided to post each update here until we get to the new stuff to see what you guys think. Onto post 1!



Hello and welcome to six flags Adventure Resort!

Six Flags wanted their guests to have a different experience so they purchased a large piece of land in England and set out to build the resort. With large space and a different layout, the resort is hoping to become Europe's greatest Themepark Resort!


-Main Street-

The first land to be built in the main park. This land offers, a few rides and a collection of shops and restaurants.



The main entrance to the resort



Main street cinema-Watch a array of new cinema releases as well as a film of what's to come to the park.

Carousel-A old fairground favorite with views across the lake.

As well as an diverse choice of restaurants like the crystal palace and shops like the then and now gift shop.



The lake front-the hub of the park



A rough overview so far...



And a little teaser...




Feel free to comment!

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Thanks for the comment!






The park today has released this information:


Six Flags Announcement

Six Flags Adventure Resort will soon rapidly grow into a much larger resort! The resort will include:

4 hotels- spread out around the land, each with their own theme. This will include the luxury hotel having a major refurbishment.

4 parks- as well as Adventure Realm and Six Flags Boardwalk the resort will have 2 new parks - The Green bay zoo and the All-star studios park will add more enjoyment to the resort for many more years to come!

1 water park - Tropaqua will be the resort's first water park. Catering for those hot days.


We can also reveal undergoing construction pictures of a new land soon to coming to Adventure Realm, Superhero Island. Prepare to fly with your favourite superheros!:



Remember to buy your six flags annual pass today and we hope to see you soon!


Onto the pics


-Kiddie Kingdom-

West of Main Street lies Kiddie Kingdom, a place where Kids can have fun on their own little rides.



Golftastic-Challenge you and your friends to a game of mini golf.

Frog Hopper-A mini launched freefall, perfect for viewing the kids domain.



Rush Junior-Fly through the treetops on Rush Junior. A small version of the Resort's main coaster, Rush.

Kiddie Plaza-Cool yourself at Mr whirl's Ice cream factory or grab a bite at snack stop.



Travel to the Amazon Canyon full of plants, rocks and thrills.



Canyon Jive Dive-Climb the slope before dropping at 90degrees into the perilous rocks below. A vertical drop coaster with stop-motion animatronics.

Canyon Transportation Co.-Travel to the luxury hotel.



Perilous Travellers-Travel the jungle searching for the rare Cocanite plant. But watch out! A team of natives are on your trail....



-Atlantic Avenue-



Atlantic Splash- Ride through the mystic atlantis caverns before plummeting to a splashdown. A water-coaster ride with amazing special effects.

Resort Monorail- A stop for the Resort monorail that travels throughout the resort. ( Please note-This ride is not open until further notice ).


---Six Flags Boardwalk---


The second park built in the resort offers fun, thrills and spills by the coast.



Quad Towers-2 Different modes of free-falling.

Sandblaster-The parks wooden out and back coaster, along the pier.



Splashdown-Splash Boats ride with extra splash.

Vintage Cars-Travel throughout the boardwalk gardens in your very own ye olde vintage car.


---Adventure Realm---


Let's go back to Adventure Realm:




Travel to the time of the future to ride futuristic transportation through Futura.



Space launch - Mission 2-Climb aboard the future express before speeding through outer space. A launched coaster with amazing special effects.

Dropzone-Rotate up the tower before plunging into the warehouse below.


-Mediterranean Port-


Dock in the Mediterranean for fun in the sun. Experience this land better during the Summer Bash event. (Coming soon...)



Voyage of the Atlantic-Voyage to find the Mediterranean landmarks.

Peddle Boats-A tranquil ride to relax from the surrounding thrills.


And a nice crossroads image to end the update:




More soon!

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Its pretty good, however I'm not feeling the Six Flags title. I think if you dropped that name, you'd be good to go. Unless, that is, youre planning on or already have built some SF type things that you havent shown yet.

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Thankd for all the comments! The par kdoes lose the title of six flags eventualy. This is the re-post of an entire thread so it may be a whie until it does...




-Greenview pass-


Greenveiw Pass - a mixture of thrills and tranquillity.



HOrbiter-A spiral coaster around some rolling hills.

Garden Wheel-View the entrance square from your cabin up high



Lazy Lift-Chairlift transportation to a new land coming soon.


-Safari Lookout-


Trek into the unknown wilderness to find ancient civilizations and rare species.



Nature 3D-Surround-sound 3D adventure in the jungle.



Expedition Safari-Climb aboard a raft and set sail for an adventure across the savannah plains


And now another sneak peek at the new land - Superhero Island:



Feel free to comment!

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Thanks for the comments! Also, these posts were created about 3 months ago when it was first update over at Atari. Because of this, you may not see any changes that you suggest until we get to newer posts. Also, this will mean that these were posted when I was new to the online forum world. ( These were first posed in March/April. ) Just thought i'd clear a few things up!




Wednesday 2nd march 2011

Six Flags have announced the near completion of Adventure Realm's Superhero Island. It will open with 2 coasters, 2 flat rides and an eating area. Six Flags have also announced the much needed renovation of the Luxury Hotel and Six Flags village. More information will come soon.




This is the area that is going to be renovated.



The hotel is the main subject with planned expansion and a better atmosphere.



Both areas have been blocked off by the public for health and safety. Parts should be coming in soon.


More construction pics in the next update.


Feel free to comment!

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Hello SFAR followers,


AR12/RC98 here to tell you all that the resort is now available for download at Shyguys World/downloads.


After a year of hard work I have decided to move onto a new park to stretch my RCT2 abilities. Look out for a new park soon.

So, feel free to download and enjoy! The park has all lands up to date including the water park, hotel, mine mountain and gotham city backlot. These are the areas that really turned the park around for me. ( Please see various sites for more pictures including TPR's test topic. )


Thanks for following the park,


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