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Universal Studios San Antonio [RCT3]

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Introducing my newest RCT3 project: Universal Studios San Antonio, leveraging both the west and east coast properties with a central year-round complex in the center of the nation. I intend to fully merge both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure parks into one huge park, it also features a CityWalk area.


Onto the first screens:


The Park entrance plaza begins with the iconic Universal globe.


Parking garage.


Hyatt Regency Universal City, by day.


The beginnings of CityWalk, minus theming. To the left is Guest Relations, Restrooms, Baby Care Center. To the right is Krispy Kreme and a Hershey's Chocolate World outlet with meeting space on the second level.


Same shot at night.


Hyatt Regency at night.


That's all for now, more to come.

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One quick additional screen, CityWalk is growing with the addition of a Subway and Regal Cinemas Universal CityWalk 20.


It is three stories, hence the windows facing the corridors. This building is not 100% finished as of yet, but I did install the movie posters...


More to come.

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Some additional screens from the development of CityWalk:


A shot of Planet Hollywood, Hollister and Fossil stores.


The beginnings of the Arena... I wonder what will showcase here? Hmm... (The walls haven't went up yet, haha)


The Universal Globe at night.


More to come!

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Some more screens and an unveiling of an attraction!


Inside Universal Arena


Arena exterior


Arena box office


This shot shows the service road that services the Arena and CityWalk.


Admissions building


Current overview.


NBC Universal 'The More You Know' boards at CityWalk Guest Relations.


-And now, unveiling the first attraction at Universal Studios San Antonio:



A friend suggested a MixMaster show for the globe area, having just watched the 'It Gets Better' (Anti-Gay Teen bullying project) video made by NBC Universal employees on YouTube, I was inspired to create this show, 'Equality is Universal', featuring lasers, search lights, fireworks and fountains! The show is meant to wrap around all issues, not just LGBT. We are one human race and every man should be created equal, that's the inspiration behind this.





And my absolute favorite shot of all:


More to come!


Please visit It Gets Better Project for more information on this very important topic in today's society.


Also, here is the video I mentioned earlier, it is long but very touching:

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Some new screens:


Guest view of the entrance plaza.


Overview of entrance plaza. Guest Relations at the top, the smaller building at the bottom of the shot is VIP Studio Services.


On the opposite end is the Transit Center serving bus and drop-offs. Guests can walk to the entrance or take the boats.


A new resort hotel takes shape along the river.


Night shot.


Hollywood Street will be the first area of the park. This area will invoke an early era of Hollywood.


Buildings beginning to take shape.


Guest view of Hollywood Street.


The first soundstage is nearing completion on the backlot... the service road will service the backlot as well.


Thanks for the comments guys, I realize the park is moving kinda slow, but I am big on realism so that means attractions grow organically and where they fit, thanks for understanding. As it stands, the Backlot Studio Tour should be the first 'ride'.


Comments always welcome!

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Ask and ye shall receive:


Hollywood Boulevard, directly inside the park entrance is really taking shape as are the immediate areas around it.








And I am taking the liberty of having a Marvel area of the park, considering we don't know what the contract is... This shot is the coaster before Hollywood Boulevard was built up adjacent.



Standby for further developments, including the Backlot.

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This park is quite impressive! I love the Universal Arch and Globe, and all the buildings built in the park so far. I don't know if I'm a fan of the coaster yet, but I don't know it's theme yet either! Keep up the amazing work!

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Quick update: Introducing the Captain America project for the Marvel area of Universal Studios San Antonio. It includes a pre-show before the lift hill where the trains stop. This ride is based off the forthcoming release Captain America: The First Avenger:








And lastly, here is a shot of the Administration building:

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Quick update:


I have decided the park will soft-open later this season with three areas: Hollywood Boulevard, The Backlot and the Marvel area (Any suggestions for a name? I am not doing 'islands', per se, any input would be appreciated). Unfortunately, some attractions will not be 100% ready for the soft opening, but work is progressing as we speak.


A few screens concerning what I speak of:






And the reason for this rush to soft-open?


Stay tuned.

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Quick update... I have decided on Marvel Universe as the name of the area:


Spiderman building, with fake facade... (little theme park magic)


Night shot.


Current Marvel Universe overview.


EDIT: I have just discovered an RCT3 bug that once you place a billboard with the 'queue image' option, it allows you to queue images on other boards as well, so all the LCD's throughout the park will now have live information and wait times. Also, each area will have a 'blue board' of information which shows the same.



Comments are always welcome! Stay tuned for more.

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Introducing Iron Man:


View from inside Iron Man:


And the Greenhouse food-court, featuring BK Whopper Bar, Subway, California Chicken Kitchen and Dunkin' Donuts:


And with that, Marvel Universe is more or less complete:



A construction wall has went up at the bridge to what ultimately will be Toon Lagoon:


In other news, a few people mentioned that I had forgotten the clubs in CityWalk. Not so, they just hadn't been built yet. The Promenade level is now complete. Built over the Guest Relations building, The Promenade is accessed through the Hyatt Regency Universal City, the Guest Relations Plaza or from the second level of the Regal Cinemas building.



The club buildings extend over the back service road:




More to come, including The Backlot.

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It's time for a long overdue update from my Universal project. Sorry for the very long delay, but work intruded in the latter part of the year. Now that Dollywood is closed and I am in 'hibernation', I intend to work more on RCT projects such as this one. As a brief overview of the type of builder I am, I go for realism above all else whenever possible, which is why my updates are not usually as fantastic as some other builders. Regardless, I do hope everyone appreciates the realistic touches I try to add to my parks such as signage and such. So, without further ado, onto the update:


Universal Studios is now officially open! The park opens with the following areas: Entry Plaza, Marvel Universe and the Backlot. Toon Lagoon will open next season with other expansions to follow thereafter.


Entry Plaza


Speaking of expansions, in the short time Universal has been open, CityWalk has been a huge hit. As always, we listened to our guests and tenants and have decided to step-up our plans for a CityWalk expansion project, which will begin very soon. The expansion will be built on the other side of the main gate on the walkway to the Transportation Canopy. The project will feature several new stores and restaurants, with more details to come.


Here is a shot of one of Toon Lagoon's star attractions- Dudley-Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, which is now in final testing stages. It will open with Toon Lagoon next season while a unannounced new attraction will be built next door, details to come later.


An overview of the Backlot, the buildings in the center house Universal's soundstages where live productions are shot, tickets are available to theme park guests on a first-come, first-serve basis at NBCUniversal Studio Services. Also pictured is the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit coaster as well as the Pandemonium giant frisbee. This is in addition to the Backlot Tram Tour.


Alot is going on at Universal, please comment and stay tuned for further updates and announcements on further expansion projects!

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