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The "Happiness Pie" Thread

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We have a new member of the family! Still no name...  

^ LOL. .that's fun.   if you get something in the mail you didn't order? it's yours to keep.   no harm, no foul.   enjoy them!

Cooolll, happiness pie thread...Hmmm what made me happy today? well, satisfied my craving of eating a XXL Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. #heavenfeel

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My wonderful father, David, who is an air traffic controlller, is having a 'recreation leave', which happens on an occasional basis.

During his leave, I will be doing some interesting stuff including a shed & attic tidy-up.

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I ordered new headlights for my RSX a week ago and they finally came in. Can't wait till they get installed. My stock headlights are a nightmare to drive at night with.

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^^ Hopefully not the same way the kid in your avatar is fixing the electrical outlet.


This weekend, I'm going to get out in my nice, cleared out yard and do some trimming and watering. It's nice to have the yard back.



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Took my World History AP test today, and I thought I absolutely destroyed it. I'm so glad that all those long hours of studying my brains out have payed off finally.



Haha everyone at my school took that today too, and they all were freaking out yesterday. Lunch was completely silent and everyone was just reading the whole time. Makes me wonder how much of that information is actually retained, and how much of it disappears after 4 weeks!

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