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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Going to Kings Island yesterday, and seeing all the water slides in Boomerang Bay open and staffed. After that, having enough time to get on the train after changing my clothes.

When I made it to the main park, I notice the Racer is... racing! Adventure Express is running all three trains.

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Went and applied for my passport renewal this afternoon...


Actual time from taking the bus and rapid transit there and back, including the actual processing? ......... 2-1/2 hours!


And - my Brand New Passport shall be delivered to me in three weeks' time. At no expense to myself!



I also got to jump (surprise to me) a lot of 'the line' because I think I had everything ready, and nothing left to question, etc.


I ALSO I think got the guy (who processed my application), turned on to Theme Park Review!!! He asked where I was going next with the passport, I told him about the upcoming TPR Japan Tour --- and I think he'll be checking the site out later tonight when he gets home from work, LOLOL!



All in all, it could not have gone better with the application and all. And EEE-HAH for small wonders and miracles of the Passport Gawds!

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