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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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adoggg x: are YOU ticklish?

imgoingtopokeyou: VERY

adoggg x: okay so im not alone, do you laugh like a 5 year old when being tickled?

imgoingtopokeyou: lol

imgoingtopokeyou: um... i dont know

imgoingtopokeyou: i giggle sometimes

adoggg x: hahahaa. oh. i laugh like a 5 year old. my friends show no mercy unless im about to pee

imgoingtopokeyou: hahaha

adoggg x: they are butttholeess. but its okay. i usually get them back with my razy ninja skills

adoggg x: haha

adoggg x: *crazy

imgoingtopokeyou: hehe nice

imgoingtopokeyou: if i see you walking down the street one day i will SO poke you


adoggg x: if you can catch me.

imgoingtopokeyou: that i will

imgoingtopokeyou: i can run dont worry

adoggg x: i may be 5 foot 2 but i am fast so gl

adoggg x: =]]]]

imgoingtopokeyou: lol

imgoingtopokeyou: well im skinny and pretty much wind-resistant


adoggg x: im skinny too...ish

adoggg x: hahaha

imgoingtopokeyou: from what i can see, yes you are

adoggg x: and your taller so you get resistance that way

imgoingtopokeyou: so PFFT

adoggg x: so hahahahaa

imgoingtopokeyou: lol

adoggg x: hahaha. shorty winsssss

imgoingtopokeyou: you havent seen me run

adoggg x: you havent seen me run either.

imgoingtopokeyou: i will catch you with your guard down when you least expect it so you wont have time to run

imgoingtopokeyou: x]

adoggg x: and i will get you back with my ninja skills. you see that cake fight? it started with my ninja skills.i will show no mercy

adoggg x: hahahaha

imgoingtopokeyou: fine

imgoingtopokeyou: i wont either

adoggg x: ohhh thats it...itss onnn

adoggg x: hahahahaaa

imgoingtopokeyou: hehe

adoggg x: so whens the next time your coming to California?

adoggg x:

imgoingtopokeyou: erm i dunno

imgoingtopokeyou: lol

adoggg x: well we can never settle this unless you come to cali. hahhaa

imgoingtopokeyou: i know

imgoingtopokeyou: ill make sure to make a stop by your house next time i go

imgoingtopokeyou: *knock knock* *POKE*


adoggg x: *gasp* *pokes back*

adoggg x:

imgoingtopokeyou: you wont be able to

imgoingtopokeyou: ill be like *POKE**runs away REALLY fast*

imgoingtopokeyou: hehe

adoggg x: *runs after* *pokes* *flips away withmad ninja skills*

adoggg x: tee heeee

imgoingtopokeyou: lol

adoggg x: JEALOUSY

imgoingtopokeyou: totally






HAHA its onnnn. :]]]

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