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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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I'm quite happy, this morning I went to Wal*mart at 2am(my favorite store)...bought a huge pc desk that was $207 but it was a clearance item so it cost me $114 (awesome deal)...got some breakfast at Kings with friends at 3am...then had a Guitar Hero battle until 6:45am...then slept wonderfully until I fell out of bed!

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Somehow, someway, I made the school soccer team!


I didn't even try out, but they called me into the office and said they wanted me on it!


that was odd, i guess word of my awsomness just gets aroundd, huh?


im jk.



Anyhjoo, i said i didn't want to play, too much commitment, and id have to drop my homors gemetry class....



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