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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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1000th POST!!!!



I'd like to thank everyone who made this proud achivement possible...


Robb, for making such a great site to which i can post too.


Walt Disney, for making disneyland and, like, making themeparks hguge and stuff.


The Pic Of Me thread: God i've posted there alot.


Tatsu: I posted a hell of alot about you too, kiddo!


These next few people are why i love TPR so so much, which keeps me posting...


Tommy, for being cool and living kinda-almost-semi-close to me, for all the goodtimes at sixflags (and your uncles house!).


Jacob, for being awsomely southern and therefore awsome, and he likes musicals and NoLimits.


Julie, for making chat interesting and stuff.


Jahan, for adopting me! (thankyou daddy!)


Karl: Grr...


And last but DEFINETELY DEFINETELY not least...


DENNIS, for being the most amazing person i could have ever imagined.




Yay! thankyou for all the little people i forgot, im sorry, i simply don't have enough time, i love you all, thankyou for making this achievment possible! I will be SURE to print this out and put it on my wall in rememberance of this special event.


Have a good night folks!


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