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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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  • 3 weeks later...

Landed a job! It's not my career...but for the time being, it pays the bills and it's really not too bad. Solid pay, good benefits, close commute, not too stressful etc  Speaking of benefits....I wasn't sure how this year would shape off so that's why I did 6 parks in 3 weeks lol BUT I now will have 10 days paid vaca I NEED to use by year's end. 

So yes, more coaster trips will happen! Thinking I can redo my Texas trip that got Covid-ed and idk maybe one to California, or perhaps Orlando to catch Velocicoaster. 

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Today I ended a bit of a stressful period on a high note. Yesterday I got my first vaccination with the second being planned just in time for vacation. Second thing, today I had to do a test to renew a document I needed for work and passed (honestly the test it self isn't too hard and very forgiving needing only 26 out of 40 answers good to pass, but the questions have a tendency to pull the rug out under you.) this means I don't have to worry for the next 10 years. I also finally can look forward to my first new coaster this year this weekend.  Glad to enjoy life some more.

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Our HEAT DOME finally moved on, yesterday. What was in the mid-late 30's C for us (usually mid-90's F) is now back down to a more respectable 25-28'C. Also a nice breeze is running through the city, so that helps everything cool down.

Now the DOME is over the Prairie provinces, and then onto Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. Good luck to them.

So glad we got through it, first.¬† ūüĆě

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I bought a car with a 72 month lease in October 2019. Due to COVID, my federal student loans were placed in forbearance. I used the money that would have gone into my student loans towards my car payments. I submitted the last payment today. On my birthday.


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