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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Tomorrow I get to go to Duluth, and I should get a new credit IN THE SNOW! Thank you to whoever came up with alpine coasters, coasters that can run in snow! If I get to ride (I'm about 90% sure I will) and I take pictures, you'll see them in the "Off Season Survival Thread".

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^ Indifferent, really. I rarely shopped there, or Walmart for that matter.

But the Big Deal they made about (originally) being the Next Big Thing in Canada...

Didn't work out for them two years on.


Now we're left with huge box-shops. And there's nobody out there (like Target) to

take them all over, which is a pain.


But - I never thought they'd succeed wildly. So fine. They're moving out. I'm happy.

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From the "Olaf made me do it," Dept...


Needed a new pillow for the couch. Saw this.

Colours matched. Perfect. I was happy.


Now, let it go....


Yeah, I saw you and I felt squishy happy inside.


Flip side. The whole gang. Minus Hans, of course. (o; (Who is this Hans?)

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When I saw this, I just started giggling!

And although I do not Twitter or Facebook et al,

I thought it should be shared. Hunter did it, I believe, thanks!


Now, wonder what would happen if he did a Maleficent/Baymax mashup?



I found it funny. Wish he'd now do the entire song, LOL!

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I just released my first song ever, and I'm super ecstatic!! I've been writing music for ten years, but never got a chance to record any until last year. Now I finally have something to show for my work!! It feels so amazing! Here's a link for anyone interested: https://p-sychiatrist.bandcamp.com/album/pretty-lips

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